The ultimate relaxation: Thermae Boetfort

I’m a sauna girl. Especially during these cold autumn days I fancy a relaxing evening in a hot and steamy sauna. My number one place to go? Thermae Boetfort! Centrally located, a naked and bathing suit zone and the most amazing venue make up for the perfect relaxing spot. 

I try to go to the sauna at least once a month. Not only for my health and immune system, but also to let go off all the daily stress. I often go with my mom to relax after a busy week. Our number one spot? The Thermae in Boetfort, Melsbroek, which is close to our hometown. We have multiple reasons to love this place. First of all, the scene is amazing. The old castle creates a fairytale the moment you step in. Secondly, you have two zones. One for people wearing a bathing suit, the other one for people who love to go ‘all out’. Both zones are amazing with multiple sauna’s, hammam and relaxing areas. My favorite one? The castle sauna, looking over the amazing yard and castle of the thermae. So you can visit both zones and never get bored!

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Third reason to love this place – the free sessions you can follow. Pushing your body to the limit by raising the heat in the sauna feels amazing and does wonders to your body. Sometimes they use music to reinforce the experience and then you just get drifted away. Fourth and very important reason, their massages are tha bomb. All the people working there are so nice and talented. During my last visit I received a facial treatment and a back, neck and shoulder massage and my o my, if this isn’t heaven, I don’t know what is!

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Fifth and véry important reason. Their restaurant offers the most delicious and healthy meals. Picking one meal is always a real challenge. Do try their salads when you’re there, they’re amazing. And the desserts and drinks are good too! The sixth reason – they have a second thermae in Grimbergen which is as fun as this one!

A day entrance is €32, after 18.00 you pay only €29. You can find all necessary information on their website.



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