Visiting Estonia: Winter wonderland

Estonia. A small but brave, and surely cold, cold country that probably is not on your bucket list but still is worth the visit. Are you thinking about making a citytrip this Christmas season? Tallinn is an absolute fairytale during the winter months. I can’t keep from showing you guys some pictures of my short trip to Tallinn.

My brother is quite the world traveller. After visiting South East Asia some years ago, he now decided to go live in Tallinn, Estonia all by himself for a couple of months. The ideal excuse to visit this cute city and give my brother a big hug again!


Estonia is cold. Really cold. But there is snow, lots and lots of snow. It really looks like a fairytale upon arriving. Be sure to put on eight layers of clothing before leaving your appartement but when you are dressed to conquer Alaska you should get out and have a hike in the wonderful rough land of Estonia. We did a wonderful walk and the views were amazing. Apart from this we discovered the city (make sure to get the free tour at the Tourist information office it’s super funny and interesting!) and ate lots and lots of healthy food like pizza and burgers ;-). A perfect citytrip if you ask me!


Still looking for a fun Christmas market to visit in the next month? Tallinn is the place to be! If you want any tips for food or drinks, just holla at me!

Big kiss,


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