Darphin: look natural, be natural

We girls – we love to look natural, but this means looking natural while wearing enough make up to also look perfect ;-). The French skincare brand Darphin totally gets this picture. Two weeks ago I got to discover this réally 100% natural brand thanks to their newest Lumière Essentielle line and I fell in love.

I absolutely need make up every day. And my daily cream. And my night cream. And a mask now and then. Yep, all natural! Since I have quite a greasy skin I have to treat my face the best way possible. However, a lot of products contain chemical ingredients which will, in the end, make your skin suffer even more sometimes.

And that’s where Darphin comes in. Darphin tries to make the most natural products to keep your skin in the best condition possible. (if you do not treat it well yourself, yes girl, you are lost, so buy that cream!).

I have to be honest, this brand and I did not yet meet before. But the sweet Hanne from UPR thought it was time we became friends – and this brand is definitely on speed dial from now on ;-).

They have lines for every skin type and for every skin problem out there – while still using ingredients that mother nature provides for us. Their newest line – Lumière Essentielle is for all skin types and wants us to glow like never before. Each product contains seven essential oils to give you that healthy glowy skin we all want (Yes, VS-models, we’re all jealous!).

If you want to treat your skin the right way in the long run, this brand is your new best friend. The newest line is amazing to give you that beautiful glow but there other lines are also great so check out their website now and maybe leave it open by accident – Hi boyfriend, it’s nearly Christmas!


Lumière Essentielle Oil Serum: €59

Lumière Essentielle Hydrating Cream: €49



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