1 year Cocktails&Heels – my 9 favorite looks

My blog exists one year. One year of shoots, blogging and a whole lot of chances. The last year I met the nicest people, had collaborations with some amazing brands and went to the most fun events. Of course, my main focus is still fashion so to celebrate my 1 year existence I chose my favorite 9 looks of the past year. Ready to celebrate with me?

Before showing you my nine favorite looks I’d love to take the time to thank you. For always reading my silly blog posts, for leaving the nicest comments or for sending me all those hearts on Instagram. I appreciate each & every one of you – this all means the world to me. It’s all these things that keep me going, so a thousand times thank you!

For my nine favorite looks I decided to go for a varied mix of casual or chic, old or recent and winter or summer. These looks all have a special meaning to me, either because they were shot by one of my girls, have a special memory to them or I simply adore the look.


This look is simply one of my favorites. I absolutely love the ‘Topwijf’ sweater!


I have worked together with Zalando a couple of times now (and I still think it’s crazy to work with such an amazing brand!) and this look and especially clutch from Karl Lagerfeld made me the happiest kid on the planet!

One of my first looks on the blog & my first collaboration with a webshop. The webshop, Amorie, from the sweet Hanne is ROCKING it at the moment! We were both starting our dream last year and I am so proud of this girl for chasing her dream.


This dress has been my number 1 friend during the summer. I wore it at least once a week and got a whole bunch of compliments about it!mg_6103-768x512

This was one of my favorite summer outfits and the photos were taken by my friend Asha who is totally into photography. Next to her taking these gorgeous pictures we also had a wonderful afternoon!


This outfit was one of the last for summer & the picture was shot by my main photographer, my BF. This photo is so spontaneous and fun that it has become my favorite one of last year!


This look already makes me dream of Christmas! This is one of my favorite looks of the past year since it combines my two big loves: lace and glitter.


This look was shot by my girl Maja, who is also a master talent with the camera!, and the result turned out amazing. You will definitely see this wall some more in the future!


And last but not least,this chic look with my leather skirt & kiss tee. A thousand big kisses to all of you, I couldn’t have done it without you all!

What’s your favorite look?




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