8 years of love: 8 things you didn’t know about my BF & me

Today I am not only celebrating my blog existing one year (hooray!) but I’m also celebrating being together with my high school love for 8 years. I do not talk often about him up on the blog & he is not the spotlight kinda person 😉 but I’d love to give you 8 fun facts about me & my BF!

Love is a many splendid thing. Love lifts us up where we belong. Ewan McGregor already got the picture in Moulin Rouge & a lot of their quotes are my life motto’s (‘The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return’). I did find love at a young age. I was 16 going on 17, was quite the difficult child (blame it on puberty) and had boyfriend’s of maximum 4 weeks. And then Glenn came along. Of course, I thought, this will not last long. Joke’s on me ’cause 8 years later this boy is not only my lover, but also best friend, comedian and hopefully companion for the rest of my life. Here are 8 facts that I guess you guys will find interesting!


  1. We are the pre-tinder couple. Back in my time ;-), about 8 years ago, we did have a cellphone but a smart phone was not yet on the market. So Tinder was not yet the place to find thé one, but we did have Netlog (I’m not sure if everybody knows this – it’s the baby Facebook). Both Glenn & I had a profile here, and he landed on my profile after seeing I also went to Laundry Day. He reacted something like ‘Cool, I went too, you look great’, I checked out his pictures (really important!) and decided he was seriously hot and then the ball went rolling.
  2. Our first date didn’t go so well. Glenn & I are quite the opposite. I am outgoing and talk to everyone (yes, I also talk to animals). Glenn is the typical quite guy until you get to know him. So we went to the movies, watched a horror movie (such a great idea Julie, you go girl!) and I tried to talk but Glenn was quite shy. So I came home and said to my brother ‘nu-uh, this is never going to work’. But we did date again (seriously, he was way too pretty to not at least kiss him once!) and everything just worked from then on.
  3. Our lives are were pretty different. Up until two years ago we lived quite different lives. When we started dating I was still in high school and Glenn already went to university and had is own car (so damn sexy when you’re sixteen). Once I went to university, Glenn started working. So while I was getting drunk in Leuven, Glenn was already the full-grown adult. This did not always make it easy for us but we did manage to get through it and now our lives perfectly match.
  4. We’re the ultimate couch potatoes. Glenn & I both have an active & busy life. But one thing we do best: couch potatoeing (how do you even write this?!). We both love to watch a movie or series and snuggle up against one another.
  5. We’re not the biggest sporty spices, but we do our best. This one follows a bit on the previous point. If you’d ask us our perfect evening, we’d definitely go for couch potatoeing. We both stay active and work out, but if this was not necessary to keep our killer bodies (ha-ha (baby, this is only for me of course you look gorgeous!)) we would not work out.
  6. We rarely eat at home. Since our lives our so busy we end up eating maximum 2 or 3 times a week at home. Either we go for dinner at his or mine parents, we have an evening activity, we do not have the time to cook or we just didn’t go to the store and do not have anything to healthy to eat, woops.
  7. We make a great team for winning trips. Every time I see a competition that I like I go all out and have to make sure I win it. This year we won our third (3!) free vacation. (I guess you all hate me now). We always win because we work together on some level. Once I won because I used Glenn’s name, another time we won because I saw the competition and he guessed the number and the third time around he saw the competition, and well, I nailed it ;-).
  8. We are planning our future. We’ve been living together for 1,5 years now but are only renting the appartment. So the next step is buying a house. We’ve been searching for a couple of months now but the perfect one did not cross our path yet. And after that, we’ll get a dog. A cute white maltese whom I can bring along when jogging and whom can join us in the world record of couch potatoeing. And then… a baby. We both absolutely want kids and do not want to wait too long. But we’ll see how that story goes!




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