OOTD: Being a Guts girl

The absolute best part about online shopping? You are able to buy clothes from your favorite stores without having to drive hours to fit that perfect skirt. GutsGusto has been one of my guilty pleasure shops since forever. Especially in the winter they have the absolute bést scarves & shoes to stock up on. And these girls are rocking, they even have their own clothing line now! Curious about this collection? Come check it out with me!

GutsGusto is one of those online shops you check out every week, and every week you start panicking. I want that dress! And those boots. And my god, that scarf. And then the counting begins, how much money can I still spent on clothes this month ;-).



Luckily their items are not that expensive ànd sending your wrong items back (which rarely happens with me ;-)) is possible for only €5! On top of all of this they even have their own collection now: Girls behind Guts. And yes, also these items will make you go cra-zy. And now for the best part! With the code: COCKTAILSHEELS15 you can get 15% (!!) discount on their webshop! Go on, you deserve it!

In this look I am wearing their Guts tee and wedges. I wasn’t a fan of this shoe until some time ago but these just look so pretty and why didn’t anybody tell me these shoes are the most comfy ever?! Anyway, I am a wedges girl from now on, and since GutsGusto still offers a whole bunch of them I will be stocking up on some more soon! Topping for my look: a ripped jeans, a black perfecto, a suuuupersoft jacket from Primark and a black hat – since you can never go wrong with a hat.


Hat – Primark

Leather jacket – Only

Supersoft jacket – Primark

T-shirt – GutsGusto

Ripped jeans – Even&Odd (via Zalando)

Wedges – GutsGutso

Clutch – Karl Lagerfeld (via Zalando)



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