OOTD: Yellow pop

Sunday. My absolute favorite day of the week. At the moment I am relaxing on the couch with my love and a stash of cookies within reach – the perfect afternoon. I just came back from a brunch with my girls and this was my relaxed but chic outfit – featuring my favorite sweater from Calla Lila. Curious? What better way to spend this lazy Sunday than reading my inner dialogues?

I do love myself some good basics with that extra twist. When I saw this sweater in the Calla Lila store I heard it screaming my name. Sure, I’m a fashion blogger but this does not mean I run around on high heels and the ultimate styled outfit every day. Most often my outfit consists of a sweatpants ;-). This sweater is perfect to keep your outfit casual but chic.



I popped some color in my outfit with my extremely pretty Parfois handbag. You will soon discover a new one from this awesome brand up on the blog – only tip: it is even prettier! So stay tuned.

As a fashion blogger, I feel obliged to wear a hat once in a while to complete my outfit ;-). I actually love hats so I do like to wear it but people tend to think you lost your way and would love to point out the way to Monaco. Buuut being a fashion blogger means staying true to your own style so I let them stare. (maybe they’re just all in love with my outfit). And what do you think of my new boots? Pretty cool for a little girl like me I’d say!


Now I am off for a date night with mr. BF, enjoy your Sunday loves!


Hat – Primark

Sweater – Calla Lila

Ripped jeans – Even&Odd

Boots – GutsGusto

Handbag – Parfois




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