L’Oréal Pro Fiber heaven

Hi girls! I finally accepted the fact that summer is over. I know, I cried too but fall does bring some new opportunities (and pretty clothes!). Now that autumn has arrived, my hair could use a boost. To start fall in style I received a fancy L’Oréal professional hair treatment to make my hair look dashing during these colder days. You can get an ultimate pro fiber moment for already €15 at a professional L’Oréal salon. I have never been as serious about something as this: this treatment is tha bomb for your hair.

The pro fiber treatment is a real revolution for your hair. Every time you use a conditioner or hair mask, your hair does feel soft and repaired but the next time you hop in the shower all those benefits vanish again. So your hair does never repair in-depth. The new pro fiber treatment however repairs your hair for as long as six weeks! To start off, you get a luxury treatment in the salon. There are two masks that they put onto your hair, and the second one heats the first, resulting in the product penetrating your hair, and yes, repairing it in-depth. Already at first sight you feel your hair is softer and thicker. My o my, I have never had so many benefits from a hair treatment as from this one.

Of course, we want to keep looking like a Victoria Secret angel (as far as the hair goes then) so now the prolonging starts. At home you can use the shampoo, conditioner and serum to keep the effects of the professional treatment. If you really want the benefits to last you can use the pro fiber recharge. This is a concentrated dose of the treatment to re-activate the ingredients. Put it on your hair after you washed it four times and bam, your hair is shining like never before!

I am literally hooked by this treatment. My hair has never (never ever ever) been as soft as now. I keep touching my hair (which might look a bit weird) and keep telling everybody how they should try this treatment as well. At the moment they have four different protocols, I received their newest innovation, the re-create, which is for thin hair that is damaged and could use some density. So perfect for a girl like me!


You can get the treatment in a L’Oréal professionel salon for €15 to €20. The shampoo, conditioner and serum are between €17 & €23. The recharging is €28.



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