City to discover: Eindhoven

Last weekend I went on a bloggerstrip to Eindhoven to discover the up and coming neighborhood Strijp-S, to get to know some lovely fellow bloggers, to enjoy lots and lots of food and yes of course, to shop at everyone’s guilty pleasure – Primark. Thinking about going on a citytrip within the next few months? This is the place to be!

I had already been to Eindhoven twice. My knowledge of the city consisted of the inside of the Primark, and of two local restaurants that I visited because shopping counts as cardio, and my god, Primark is a real HIIT workout so food is ne-ce-ssary. Thanks to Eindhoven city however, I got to discover this city on a whole other level. And I absolutely love it!

I’d love to mainly introduce you to the Strijp-S district. This up and coming place in Eindhoven is a real walhalla for hipsters, design lovers and people who love to do something new once in a while. The whole dsictrict is being redesigned and although this will still take a while it already looks amazing.


Strijp-S definitely has the coolest shops, restaurants and hotels in the city. We stayed at the Blue Collar hotel, a hotel that is really targetted at people who love the Strijp-S vibe. They also serve delicious food and in the evening the bar is crowded with people enjoying a drink. En plus, the breakfast is not thatt bad either!


As far as shops go, be sure to visit Urban Shopper. This is a shop where multiple young entrepreneurs can show of their talent to the people. You can find beautiful furniture or decoration here or even customize your favorite pair of sneakers – awesome! Be also sure to stop by Studio Ruig. The clothes are not only amazing, you want to buy the store as well, it is o-so pretty!


Strijp-S is also the absolute place to be for foodies. The foodhallen Het Veem are definitely worth a visit! You can find a wide range of products here, from cheese to bread to spices and wine (mmm, wine). In for an ice cream, some chocolate or a delicious cup of coffee? (uh, always!). Then head over to Intelligentia, this taste bar serves the most fun and innovative ice cream flavors and makes the best chocolate e-ver.


Quite tired of all this walking? Sit down in the beautiful restaurant Wynwood (mmm, wine) and enjoy your evening and the buzzing atmosphere of Strijp-S.


I’m sure you will fall in love with this city just like I did! If you want some more tips, just holla (or invite me to come along!).



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  1. Oh dat zag er uit als een topper! Ik ken Eindhoven vooral van zijn Primark en de winkelstraat. 🙂 Ik moet precies echt nog eens terug! Gelukkig is het maar op een half uurtje rijden van bij mij!
    X, Eline

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