OOTD: Dressing for fall with Zalando

Hi girls! You know what I love most about changing seasons? Buying new clothes for the next months. My absolute favorite webshop to shop my new wardrobe is Zalando (what else?!). On this webshop you can find everything your little heart desires (well, almost everything, they do not sell Chanel handbags on there). I bought a new outfit for fall, with the necessary layers ànd with my dream bag from Karl Lagerfeld. Happy girl? Me? YES.

If I end up on the website of Zalando, I know I will lose a couple of valuable hours. But how fun and big is this webshop? They have an endless amount of awesome brands and an endless amount of styles. On top, you can find your perfect outfit for €100 or €1000, whatever your budget is, you’ll find something on there (for me the budget of €1000 please). The most fun feature on their website? When you see a beautiful bag of €400, Zalando will suggest bags that look almost the same for 10% of the price of that expensive bag. Perfect for the not so rich girls like me. A second awesome feature is the suggestions that they make when you see that perfect leather jacket. Zalando will propose a matching dress, handbag and scarf with it. That way your outfit will always be on point. Small side note: this feature can make you go bankrupt ;-).


I got to choose an outfit for the upcoming AW season and I decided to go for the ultimate autumn trend, layers. I started off with this open shoulder dress from Topshop. Once the weather gets a bit colder I can add this awesome biker jacket from Only and this mustard scarf from Even&Odd. My absolute favorite item of this outfit: the small clutch from Karl. Seriously, how cool can a bag be?! I decided to incorporate these drawings in my loafers & watch too. The watch is a small wink to Karl himself too, with his never ending love for cats. The loafers are a first for me (as you already know by now, I am quite the heels girl) but they were too cute to not pick them.


To conclude, Zalando will be my companion in the upcoming AW season too, and even though my wallet will not be all too happy about this – my wardrobe will definitely jump for joy with my newest items!


Dress – Topshop

Jacket – Only

Scarf – Even & Odd

Handbag – Karl Lagerfeld

Watch – Even & Odd

Loafers – Even & Odd



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