Brand to discover: Esprit

Esprit is one of those brands that I do not visit often but when I do I always fall in love with their collections. Their new autumn collection is literally to die for and since I do love to show you guys beautiful brands I chose some of my favorites for the upcoming FW’16 season.

This year, especially Esprit’s coats & sweaters made me long for winter (which is quite unusual since I am a real summer girl). I absolutely love the sweater with stars which is perfect on a grey skinny jeans and some flats. The black coat also really stole my heart, I think I’m still going to buy it this month!

Bouclé coat – €139,99 | Sweater stars – €39,99 | Soft coat – €99,99

Summer is over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear cute dresses anymore. Since I am a real sucker for dresses, I am always searching for that perfect winter dress. On the Esprit webshop I found three that I’d love to add to my wardrobe!


Satin dress – €79,99 | Burgundy dress – €49,99 | Flower dress – €59,99

As for skirts, I feel the same way. Winter does not imply jeans all day, every day for me. You should be able to still wear a dress or skirt, even if it is freezing cold – you have to suffer sometimes to look pretty. And during autumn it is more than A-OK to still wear a skirt!


Cotton skirt – €49,99 | Blue skirt – €59,99 | Grey skirt – €39,99

My absolute favorite part about winter? Accessories! During winter you can accessorize your outfit with scarfs, hats, jewellery and handbags. These items absolutely make your outfit and on the website of Esprit I found some absolutely stunning ones. Especially the small blue one is on my wish list. Boyfriend, are you reading this?


Small blue bag – €59,99 | Scarf – €35,99 | Shopper studs – €79,99

What did I tell you, Esprit has a way too beautiful winter collection, right?! Hurry over to the nearest Esprit store or simply shop online, their webshop is a real masterpiece so I am just going to sit on the couch with a cup of tea and fuzzy socks and spend some money!

Big love,


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