A day of pure relaxation: Sauna Wu Wei

I’m a real ‘all over the place’ girl. I always got too much on my to-do list, resulting in running from place A to place B, lacking sleep and being stressed. Sounds familiar? I guess everybody knows this feeling. Luckily, there are awesome spa’s where I can let go of all the hassle from time to time. Together with my mom I visited the Wu Wei sauna in Kortrijk and we came back more relaxed than ever. In need of some me-time yourself or do you want to spoil your mom, best friend or boyfriend? This is the place to be!

My mom and I are real sauna lovers. We often visit a spa close by to let go of all the daily stress. This time we visited a new place a bit further away: Wu Wei in Kortrijk. We were impressed by the small and cosy venture and the delicious food. And of course by the great sauna’s ;-).

Upon arriving you go through a long hallway, in this hallway you find a secret door to a hot sauna of 89 °C, which is hidden between bamboos. Next to the secret door you find the experience shower. When walking through this you will feel a game of hot and cold, hard and soft water. It is quite an adventure to walk through this shower!


Our absolute favorite spot is the hammam in the complex. This hammam has four rooms. In the first room the temprature is still quite low, preparing your body for the warmth of the next rooms. In the second room you get a scrubbing glove to get all the dead cells off your skin. This room is already more damp. After staying in here for five minutes you can go to the last room, where the temprature is 42 °C. In this last room you can sweat all the toxins out of your body. I can tell you, you are not that freshly smelling now – so a shower comes in handy. Be sure to take a cold shower, this is perfect for your heart, skin and hair! Cool off decently before relaxing on the cosy beds.


Wu Wei also have an amazing outdoor pool and a beautiful terrace where you can enjoy a glass of cava (yes!), a healthy juice or a small bite. On the second floor there is also a private spa but if it isn’t rented you can also visit it. This place is romantic and beautiful with the panorama sauna and the hot tub.


My mom and I also got a duo massage (the absolute best way to relax!) which was amazing! After the one-hour massage we felt absolutely revived. You can get quite hungry after spa’ing (is this a word?), so a bite to eat is welcome. After our day of relaxing we went for dinner in the Wu Wei restaurant, and my o my, did we enjoy it. The menu is also focused on clean, healthy and fresh. We decided to go for tzatziki with bread, courgetti with pesto and tomatoes and couscous with herbs and raisins. And the best thing, the food is really cheap!


If you love relaxing as much as we do or if you need some time off now and then, Wu Wei is the place to be. You pay €44 for a whole day, if you go with two it is only €69.



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