OOTD: You are gold, baby

Gold & lace. Two of my absolute favorites to wear all day, every day. Sure, it tends to make you look a bit overdressed but we do love to dress up from time to time right?! You do not need a wedding or fancy party to wear this outfit (even though we all love those parties!). Just ask your boyfriend, mom or best friend out for dinner and W O W! them with a fancy (and pretty) outfit like this.

 I bought this golden skirt two years ago for Christmas. When Christmas comes closer I always start panicking. No, not in November or October, but already end of September I am stressing about that perfect outfit for the holidays. (yep, I am quite the sucker for Christmas). Since I have a lot of Christmas parties (hooray) I often buy two outfits – sometimes even three. All these pretty, sparkly things hang in my closet for a whole year, to look at it next winter and think ‘nope, already wore that last year’. So I try to wear the items when possible. Long story short, I still wear this skirt. Yes, with bare legs. Yes, with a lace sweater on top.


The lace sweater is from the more than amazing brand Suncoo. This  French brand is also one of the brands in the Acris showroom – a real Walhalla for girls like me! Suncoo has unique and on-trend designs and this sweater with lace sleeves and back detail is way too pretty. Their prices are also affordable, so be sure to check them out!


Finish your fancy outfit off with accessories that are in the same color of your outfit to not make them pop too hard (I promise, your skirt is already drawing the attention!). Now go to your closet, get out that fancy dress, top it off with a jeans jacket and a scarf and you are good to go!


Sweater – Suncoo

Skirt – Loavies

Handbag – Zara

Heels – Sac d’Anvers



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