No more dry locks with L’Oréal Nutrifier line!

As told here many times before, my hair can become quite dry after being in the sun, straightening it or swimming in the pool. Apparently, even more than 50% of women describe their hair as dry, so I am not the only one. Are you one of those people too? Join the club. Luckily, L’Oréal Professionel keeps working on this issue and has a new line to help us get those shiny locks we always wanted. Their line also consists of a leave-in mousse for the night, to restore it while you are sleeping, perfect right?!

Their newest line, the Nutrifier, uses glycerol and coconut oil to restore your hair. This first ingredient, glycerol, makes sure the cracks in your hair get filled again which results in healthy and soft hair. Coconut oil also nourishes the hair and makes sure it is as shiny and soft as a baby’s bum!

It all starts in the salon. When you feel like you need a serious boost for your hair you can head over to a L’Oréal salon nearby and receive a nourishing wrapping. This protocol is ideal to do after summer and even with every season change.

However, you can also treat your locks at home with the extensive Nutrifier line. The line includes a shampoo, mask, brushing cream, DD balm and night cream. The DD balm is a balm that protects your hair against (further) dehydration. It makes sure your hair is soft and protects your ends against bad influences. The night cream is my absolute favorite, you put it on before going to sleep and when you wake up your hair looks and feels amazing. I have been using the whole line for almost a month now and my locks look so much better, I even received some compliments about it. And the best thing: I have a feeling that my hair is growing too!


You can find the products in a L’Oréal salon near you, the shampoo is €15,40, the mask €22,44, the brushing cream, DD balm and night cream are all €17,60. I would especially recommend this last one to make your hair more nourished.

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