How to start your own blog: 3. writing blogposts & staying creative

Hi loves! Sorry for taking so long on writing the third blogpost in this series but vacation, good weather and some delicious white wine stood in the way of completing this blog about writing blogposts & staying creative. Tip 1: make sure to plan in when you will work on your blog, otherwise you’ll miss your deadlines ;-).

How often should I write?

This is of course a personal question and depends on how much time and effort you want to put into your blog. If you are still starting out with your blog it is better to write more often to attract your first visitors and fans – after some time you can write a bit less since the loyal fan base (thanks guys for reading this!) will always come to read your blogs. I write every other day so three to four times a week. The more you write, the more often people will visit your blog. But do not let it trick you, quality is still more important than quantity. I’d rather read one fun blog than five blogs of three sentences, right?!

What should I write about?

I think this question is especially in the beginning difficult to answer. Just write about what you love – whether it is your favorite outfit, what you wear when you go to bed or how many tricks your dog can – make sure it is something that interests you and of course, try to make it something that interests the reader too. Make sure it does stay in your blog theme however, if you write about food it would be weird to suddenly tell about your favorite baby names. Try to find new themes to write about or go snoop around on other blogs to steal their perfect ideas (it’s the free web for something!).

How can I keep my blogposts interesting?

Try to attract your reader in the first sentences. It’s not always easy but make your title mysterious or write a funny fact about the post. People also love to read about personal stuff (but please, not too personal, nobody wants to know at what time you eat dinner). Follow up your statistics closely, that way you can discover which blogposts your fan base (hooray!) likes. Make sure your language is fun and easy to read. Insert a few jokes at last and the party is complete!

What if I am out of inspiration? 

It is possible to be out of inspiration sometimes. However, if you have this quite often, be honest to yourself and ask yourself if this is the right hobby for you to do. When you see it as an obligation, all the fun will go away! Make this hobby a party, and dance while you’re at it. If I am out of inspiration (which doesn’t happen often), I tend to visit my favorite bloggers to see if they got something cool going on. Reading articles or press releases also gives me some inspiration. Do not forget to maybe involve your readers, perhaps they are waiting for you to write about a certain topic so go ahead and ask them!

Are there still any topics you’d love to ask about this topic? Are there any subjects that you’d love to see me write about? I absolutely love your feedback so go ahead!

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