OOTD: Heatwave proof dressing

Well Belgium, you are definitely proving you are a land of extremes. The last week we had an absolute heaaaaat wave in our little country! Even though I absolutely love this weather I am showering twice a day and still don’t feel fresh. Another struggle of 40 degrees outside, what to wear without melting? This loose maxi skirt is the perfect partner in crime. And speaking of partners in crime, Gompie makes a guest appearance in this post! Want to see how good his posing skills are?

After having quite a shitty summer (at least in my opinion), August is making an effort to still make us happy these last few days. Everybody is organising bbq’s, pool parties and well, events where you can drink a lot of alcohol in general. In our small hometown Duffel there is a beach event at the moment and we decided to go there to well, drink some alcohol. I can confess that this hot weather is not good for my weight and yes, also not for my liver. But hey, it’s only summer once in Belgium!


Since my parents are on vacation, this little cute white fluffy ball is staying with us for two weeks. His name is Gompie and he’s 6 years old, crazy about walking, going for a 10k jog, eating and saying hi to every human being he encounters. I decided to include him in my pictures so that you can all meet him but he didn’t really feel like posing. Adding an accessory in your photos is a real challenge and almost half of our pictures got deleted because Gompie was only showing his behind, and ain’t nobody got time for that.


Since this is still a fashion blog I’ll tell you something about my outfit too. I am wearing my favorite maxi skirt from h&m, which I also have in black, and my new crochet top from Sienna. I just love the back details! I also got some new sunglasses from Polette and I absolutely love them. The design is perfect and the price is so cheap that I am considering buying a second one! Lastly I took my new Princely London bag with me – the colour is just per-fect for summer. Since I do not like wearing heels during heatwaves I often tend to put on some flip-flops.


Sunglasses – Polette

Jacket – Bershka

Top – Sienna

Skirt – H&M

Handbag – Princely London




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