Design your own nail polish with Meeki

Ah nail polish, I am an absolute sucker for it. I have at least fifty shades of red (not such a big fan of grey ;-)) and my collection gets bigger every week. Sometimes however, the struggle is real and you just don’t know anymore which colour to choose since they are all so gorgeous. Meeki beauty lab, an innovative online webshop for nail polishes, luckily found the solution. Together with stylists, influencers ànd you they decide which colours will be in their newest collection. That way you buy the absolute must have colours of the season and you’ll love them too because you voted for them yourself! Curious about this new concept? Read on!

The colours of nail polish are always influenced by the latest fashion trends, and since we all want to look ‘on fleek’ we buy new colours quite often (in my case: every week). However, since there are so many colours, all brands have a huge stock left. Meeki Beauty Lab wants to solve this issue by making the production process more efficient ànd more fun.

Meeki is a new brand that wants to be inspired by the coolest girls, this means stylists, influencers and most of all, their clients. They want to design their newest collection with and for their fan base. At the moment they only develop nail polish but in the nearby future you’ll find a whole beauty line on their website!

So how does it work? Meeki first discovers the newest trend colours together with trend forecasters, stylists, influencers ànd you. The clients have the final say in deciding which colours should be in the next collection. You can vote, through special ‘colour polls’ for your favorite colours. Based on these polls, Meeki will decide which colours should be in the collection and only then will they start producing. This will result in less waste since they already know their clients love these colours.


Their core product is the Meeki Season collection. Per season they bring out twelve colours, spread over four styleboxes, produced in the styles Classic, Modern, Glam and Natural.  The box includes one must have colour, one or two matching colours and/or you can choose to pick one from the other eleven colors. This means you can make a box with colours that are completely your style, sound perfect, right?! In case you are not sure which style suits you the most Meeki even provides a style quiz, that way you can discover which box is exactly right for you.

The shop will go live on the 21st of September (so less than a month of waiting, hooray!) with a limited edition of the fall collection. However, you can already check out their site here. When you sign up and help decide which colours should be in their next collection you also get a 10% discount on all products!



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