A deeply cleansed skin with Nuxe

Nuxe is one of my favorite beauty brands out there. I especially L-O-V-E their sun protection lines, those scents are simply amazing. Little did I know that they also have face masks that work wonders for your skin. I tried their newest mask to cleanse my pores in five minutes and I am sure, this product will stay in my bathroom for the rest of my life. Do you also need a deep cleanse of your face or do you have a greasier skin? This product will work miracles; I’ll tell you some more about it!

Nuxe’s newest product, the express mattifying rebalancing mask is focused on cleansing your skin in a short period. This classic claymask has been reinvented and Nuxe made a bio formula for it.

The mask closes the pores without making the skin dry thanks to the unique combination of macadamia oil and cranberry extract. This mask gives you maximum benefit for your face in only five minutes time, don’t we want that all?

I have used this mask thoroughly and I can really not live without it anymore. Just put a small amount on the T-zone, leave on for five minutes, massage gently and rinse off with some water. Afterwards my skin looks clean and my pores are definitely tighter, perfect to use before a date or a night out. It’s a quick fix which works miracles, especially after a couple of times!


If you want an even more thorough beauty ritual, Nuxe has a whole line for the mixed skin including a gel, lotion and day cream which will make your skin more radiant and clean than ever. You can find this product in a pharmacy near you, 50 ml is €15.50.



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