The ultimate Schwarzkopf solution for unruly hair!

Do you have curls, or even straight hair, that is fluffy and unruly? I feel ya! My curls always get quite dry and then my hair just looks like a bird’s nest. Luckily, the new line from Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur comes to the rescue with products against humidity to make your locks look better than ever.

Wearing my natural curls or even my straightened hair is always an issue when the air is quite humid. My hair just goes crazy and does its own thing! Gliss Kur understands these first world problems and comes to the rescue with their new innovative line: Control & anti-frizz.

The products contain lotus extract and pearl essence. These luxury ingredients repair the microscopic cracks in your locks and make them smooth and soft. That way your hair will frizz less and will look gorgeous.

Next to the shampoo & conditioner the line also has a straightening spray and a wonder serum. The spray makes sure your hair stays straight for up to three days and also protects your hair against heat up to 220 °C (!). The serum also has a straightening effect and makes sure your hair doesn’t go frizzy.

I discovered these last two products thoroughly and they definitely work their magic! Normally you should use these products before styling it but I often use it when my hair is dry and my curls turn out more defined and soft afterwards. Another thing which I love about it is the scent! And last but not least, the price is awesome! You can buy the shampoo & conditioner for €3,79, the straightening spray is €6,79 and the wonder serum €9,99.

I would definitely recommend these products when you have dry, frizzy hair or if you’d love to define your curls some more!


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