Glamglow Gravity mud: a silver (!) facemask

What would you do for a healthy, firmer and lifted skin? Would you put on a silver alien mask? Would you if I’d tell you it is super fun to put on and works magic? Do try this Glamglow gravity mask at home, preferably with your boyfriend, mom or your bff.

I love to put on a face mask once in a while. First of all, it is just super fun. It is a moment of pure relaxation and I love to discover different masks and scents. Nothing more fun than coming home after a stressful day at work and putting on a face mask. Afterwards your skin feels super soft and hydrated.

Glamglow totally understands the fun of face masks. Their newest mask, the Gravitymud, has a silver (silver!) color and has an awesome texture. Just putting on this mask and letting it dry is an adventure on itself. You can put the special mask on with a soft brush. At first it might tingle a bit but after a couple of minutes this should go away.


This innovative peel off treatment makes your skin feel firmer, more lifted and hydrated. Glamglow is made in America and a lot of famous artists love the results this brand delivers. I am also quite amazed of the results. After leaving the mask on for 20-30 minutes and peeling it off my skin looks brighter, tighter and redefined. Even though the price is a bit expensive (one small package is €50) you can see this product delivers real results. This mask is not only fun to put on but also makes you look as pretty as the famous Hollywood actors, perfect to give you that Glam glow ;-). (or to have fun together with your boyfriend!)


You can buy this product at the ICI Paris XL stores. What is your absolute favorite facemask?

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