OOTD: White dresses and some denim

Some websites can be so addicting that you seriously start doubting if not eating for a week is so difficult compared to buying that perfect dress. Zalando is the number one website out there to make me go from a rational person to a ‘fine I’ll spend my whole salary on this site’ in a second. I recently found the perfect summer outfit on there and I scored the most fun denim jacket during sales, which results in this awesome outfit (if I say so myself).

Ever since Zalando came to Belgium I can’t stop myself from going to their website once in a while. Or if we are being honest, every day. This website sells all the most wanted brands out there, knows that we girls want to have enough time to think about these important life decisions and makes sure we can do this without losing any money since delivery and returns are absolutely free. Can life be any more perfect?!


I was recently looking for the perfect beach outfit and Zalando made it easy for me since they now have an entire section dedicated to bikini & beachwear trends, you can even choose your favorite style and find your absolute perfect summer outfit! While scrolling down the ‘Bikini trends’ section my eye landed on this cute white dress. I am a sucker for white dresses but it is not always easy to find the perfect one. Since we are being honest in this post, nobody wants to see your lingerie underneath your dress, right? (totally honest two: some people would like it though). With this dress I actually have the same issue (woops) but I have the perfect solution for it – a black strapless dress underneath to make sure I am not giving a peep show.




Next to the dress I also chose a pastel gold necklace and a fun bracelet. Lastly I chose these cute new sunglasses from Even&Odd which combine perfectly with, well, everything. Best thing is – the price wasn’t even €100!

My new light denim jacket, which I scored in sales on the website of Bershka, completes this look. I had been looking for a fun denim jacket for some time now and this stunner with quotes like “Eat cake for breakfast” (what a perfect idea!) immediately landed in my basket. I’m sure you’ll see it pass by quite often this summer.





Dress – Oh my love

Jacket – Bershka

Sunglasses – Even&Odd

Necklace – New Look

Bracelet – Aldo Volton

Heels – H&M

What is your absolute favorite brand on the website of Zalando?




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