Shu Uemura love: the best smelling conditioner ever

I finally got to try the high quality hair brand Shu Uemura. I often saw this brand at fancy hairdressers but the price is quite high, which held me back of trying it. But let me tell you, once you tried these products there is no way back. I got to discover their iconic conditioner moisture velvet for dry hair and I fell in love with the product ànd the smell.

Shu Uemura decided to make a limited edition of their three most iconic conditioners, the color lustre for colored hair, the ultimate remedy for extremely dry hair and the moisture velvet for dry hair. They collaborated with Kathleen Kye, the brains behind the extremely popular brand KYE, which is a huge hit in South Korea (I hadn’t heard about her though but her designs are pretty amazing). For this collaboration KYE redesigned the three iconic bottles to match her South Korean street style and brand perfectly.

The moisture velvet is a nourishing conditioner which is ideal for dry hair like mine. Since I have curls and often use a straightener too, my hair needs a real beauty treatment once in a while. The conditioner is enriched with camelia oil to repair your ends and give your hair a satin texture. I use it once in the week  to give my hair that much-needed boost.

All conditioners are €47,80, unfortunately Shu Uemura is leaving Belgium, but maybe you can still find the conditioners here. I will definitely miss the brand in our little country!

Have you ever tried Shu Uemura before?

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