How to start your own blog: 1. The beginning

Starting your own blog is a whole adventure. When I was younger I already tried a couple of times to start a blog but it never worked out, and when I decided a year ago to give it a shot I was quite worried to never find the time or inspiration to keep this blog running. Since I think every person should follow their dreams I’d love to give you some tips on starting your blog, maybe these posts will give you that final push to finally make your dream come true. In this first part I will give you some tips on preparation, since preparation is key.

1. Know what you want to do

This is the most important advice that I can give you, know what you want to do! Have you always been obsessed about cooking? Start your own cooking blog. Are you crazy about beauty? Transform yourself into a real beauty queen on your blog. But you really have to think this through! There are already so many bloggers writing about fashion, beauty or cooking, so try to find something new. Write only about ecological beauty products, start a personal health journey blog or make a blog about people you run into on the street and ask them about their favorite clothing piece or a fun statement about fashion.

Next to really thinking about what you want to write about you also need to consider how you want to do it. Do you love talking? Making vlogs might be more fun for you. Do you have a busy life? You can write only one blog a week but make these blogposts really qualitative then.

2. Do research

If you start your own blog and have absolutely no experience in tackling this challenge, make sure to first do your research then. I think I watched at least twenty videos and read around fifteen articles before knowing a bit how this whole thing works. Also get inspiration from bloggers who fascinate you. I have been a number one fan from Elien ( and Annabel ( since forever, so I also got inspiration from their beautiful blogs to know what I wanted my own blog to look like.

3. Be unique

As I said before, there are already thousands of girls/boys writing about fashion, beauty and health. If you do the same thing as the bunch your blog will not have the success you dream of. Try to be unique in what you do. On my blog, for example, I work with guest bloggers who have a different style but come up with the most fun posts (and to be honest, I am also not able to make such pretty hair up do’s as this one!). If you want to make a blog about cooking, try to also be unique by using the same main ingredient for four different recipes for example or by writing one blogpost a month in which you make typical dishes of a certain country. Just make sure you write fun and entertaining stuff!

4. Give it your all

When you decide to start your blog, know you’ll give up a lot of spare time. For me blogging still means relaxing but sometimes I go crazy when I have so much to do for my blog that I do not have time for my boyfriend, family or household. Know that if you really want your blog to work you have to give it your all, this means working at least 10 hours a week on your blog, social media and media contacts.

5. Do it for the right reasons

A lot of bloggers forget that blogging is a hobby that you should, in the first place, do for yourself. I have always loved writing and I have always loved fashion so this blog helps me in channeling both passions. The most fun thing about blogging is getting a lot of beautiful compliments and meeting some great inspirational people. Sure, those free products are fun, but if you only start blogging to get free stuff, you’re at the wrong address. Do what you love, love what you do, and you’ll see you get the most satisfaction out of it!

Next week I’ll tell you something about really starting your own blog, which platform should I use? Is it expensive? What should I write about? If you have specific topics you’d like me to discuss or if you have a specific question, shoot!




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