Brand to discover: JYB Cosmetics

Still looking for that affordable, all natural and organic skin care brand? Search no more! Let me introduce you to JYB cosmetics, a line with delicious fragrances and textures that takes care of our planet at the same time, sounds perfect, right?! And the best thing is, their products are suitable for e-ve-ry skin type. Come on, I’ll tell you some more.

All the bottles from JYB cosmetics are filled with nature’s absolute best ingredients, which both your skin and the planet will love. Every day these products will make your skin better and healthier. Since JYB wants to prove they are a 100% natural product line you can find this on every package, they have absolutely no secrets for you! So go ahead, read all their labels, you’ll only find the most fun & pure ingredients out there, hooray!

Their line ranges from face care for demanding skin to body care for all skin types. I tried the must-have cream and the name doesn’t lie. The main ingredients for this cream, agave and shea (which we all know are two damn good ingredients) have very soothing effects so this cream is perfect for sun burns, insect bites, small wounds, well basically anything from moisturizing to protecting to repairing.


I still want to try the restorative hydrating mask and the exfoliating face mask. I’m sure my skin will look splendid afterwards!

Are you allergic to everything non-natural? Are you looking for a skin care brand that also thinks about the face of the earth? JYB is your solution! You can find all their products on their website or in a pharmacy close by. Prices range between €20 and €50.


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