Five perfect ways to relax

Life can be quite stressful sometimes. Juggling work, social life and your household is not always easy. There is no harm in doing a bit too much sometimes, as long as you take enough me-time too. I hit the ‘pause’ button once a week to stay relaxed and I’d love to share some of my favorite tips with you, from listening to some piano music with the Sonos Play 1 to drinking my favorite relaxing drink Tranquini!

There is one thing really important when you want to keep yourself happy ànd healthy: taking some me-time once in a while. For me personally life can get pretty hectic sometimes, working full-time, having a household, writing for my blog and keeping up a social life can sometimes become too much. When I feel I get too stressed (read: I cry more often ;-)) I decide to take a couple of hours for myself during which I only do things that relax me.

My first and definitely most favorite me-time: taking a steaming hot bath. If you do not love taking a bath, you can skip this tip but maybe give it one more chance, I promise you will become an absolute water lover. Take out your favorite bath lotion, light some candles and let the heat loosen up your muscles and your stress.


Another thing which I love is listening to music, a quite known relaxing tip but it’s a gold one. I recently got to try the Sonos play 1, a compact and wireless speaker with the best sound out there and this speaker makes listening to music even better. I love to put on some piano music, close my eyes and let the music come over me. I often also put on some dance music when I come home from work, thanks to the Sonos Play 1 the whole living room immediately fills with the most uplifting music. In the morning my boyfriend moves the speaker to the bathroom and puts on his favorite music, that way he starts the morning merry and happy. The Sonos speaker adapts his sound dependent on the room you are in, which is truly amazing. Since the Play 1 is Wifi-connected it is extremely easy to play your favorite music right from your computer or smartphone.


A third relaxing tip is reading a good book. A lot of you are probably not as enthusiastic about it as I am but reading an entertaining book is perfect to escape the stress of your daily life. If you are not quite the reader you can also opt for the modern version of escaping your life for a bit: watching an extremely addictive series. My absolute favorites: Game of Thrones, Grey’s Anatomy, One Tree Hill, Shameless and Suits.

Another thing I do when I need to relax is drink Tranquini. This new (and extremely delicious!) drink is focused on removing all your daily tensions. The drink reduces stress and fear and heightens your focus. The drink is made with natural ingredients like green tea, camomile and lavender. Both drinks taste a bit like candy but the drinks are still really low in calories, hooray! The green drink, Jade, is quite new but tastes simply awesome. If I am a bit short on time to think about myself I just drink a Tranquini and feel the positive effects. I wouldn’t say you feel totally relaxed thanks to the drink but you do feel calm and positive about life. You can buy these drinks at Albert Heijn, Spar and Makro/Metro. Thé perfect solution to quickly reduce your stress levels.

My last tip is leaving internet and social media for what it is for a couple of hours. As a blogger I am hooked to my telephone and my boyfriend gets absolutely crazy about my obsession over my social media channels (I’m sure some of you girls know what I am talking about ;-)). Putting your phone and laptop away for some time gives you the time to totally focus on yourself or to have some quality time with your boyfriend.

The absolute best thing to do: go to your bathroom, fill it with hot water and a delicious scent, light up some candles, choose some relaxing piano music and leave your cellphone out of the bathroom. Choose a good book and drink a delicious Tranquini or glass of cava while at it, you’ll feel reborn afterwards! Now I’m off to relax, or as Tranquini’s slogan goes: Relax. Be Positive. Good happens.

Big kiss,


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