Brand to discover: Rodial skincare

Ever heard of Rodial skincare? This British brand – which is focused on skin care (duh!) has become really popular all over the world with more than 50 countries selling their products. A lot of celebrities love the products of Rodial because of their nourishing ingredients and amazing results. This year their famous Dragon’s blood range celebrates it’s 5th anniversary and this is thé moment to introduce you guys a bit to this brand.

Their main focus is to develop high performance skin care products that prevent and solve skin problems with natural ingredients and the newest innovations on the market. Their most famous collection is called Hero and when you look this up you’ll see they have some quite intriguing ingredients in their products.

The ingredient ‘Dragon’s blood’ is named after a tree in South America, it bleeds dark red juice when you cut the tree, hence the name. The combination of this dragon’s blood and hyaluronic acid make it a line perfect for treating sensitive skins with signs of loss of elasticity and dehydration.


Of course my skin is not yet losing ‘elasticity’ (thank god!) but the moment is getting closer and your skin can always use some extra hydration so I have tried the ‘Dragon’s Blood Hyaluronic Mask‘ for some time now and I can really feel my face being hydrated and it looks extremely healthy too. I’d still love to test the eye maskssculpting gel  and definitely the tonic to give your skin an instant boost or to set your make-up.

 I have a more oily skin and I discovered they have a whole line not only for oily skin but also for acne & pores, how perfect is that?! I’d love to try these ranges since I am quite curious if they work, does anybody have experience with these lines?
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