Kérastase Nutritive: a luxury treatment for your hair

Sometimes you find a hair treatment for your hair that totally fits. The Kérastase Nutritive line is absolute heaven for me. The smell is delicious and it really repairs your hair in-depth. Do you need an ultimate boost for your dry hair? Read on, you’ll hurry over to the hairdresser after this!

I received the Kérastase Nutritive Magistral line, which is for severely dried out hair. Since I often use a straightener for my hair it is often quite dry. Some shampoos and conditioners really nourish my hair but this Kérastaste line simply works magic.

You can use this line at home but the greatest thing is, you can first get a nourishing hair treatment at your Kérastaste hairdresser. This treatment for all dry hair types will give your hair an ultimate boost to keep your hair even longer healthy. The hairdresser will determine your hair quality and based on this give you a personalized treatment. Afterwards you can prolong the amazing effects of this treatment at home.


You also have two lines for at home: the Nutritive Irosome for dry hair and the Nutritive Magistral for extremely dry hair. I received this last line and discovered it thoroughly. I use the bain magistral to cleanse my hair, afterwards I use the fondant magistral to make my hair super soft & shiny. This texture is really unique and the smell is amazing. Also want shining locks before going out? Just use some Crème magistrale to give your hair a bit extra shine. At last you can also use the Crème magistrale to protect your hair against the heat.

This hair line is one of the best I ever used for my hair, my hair looks more healthy than ever and smells like flowers during spring. If you want to give your hair the treatment it deserves you have to try these products! The shampoo is €23,4, the conditioner and crème are both €31,8.


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