My cruise trip to Norway with MSC

I returned from a wonderful two weeks in Norway. Even though our means of transportation was quite exclusive, our daily activities were really active and well, not so fashionable as you are used from me ;-). But we had an amazing time and I’d love to share some of the most beautiful pictures with you! Always dreamt about visiting Norway? You can discover this amazing land right here!

It was the third time that my family and I decided to do a cruise. First we did the Greek islands, afterwards we went to the Caraibes (so pretty!) and this year we decided to visit the beautiful Norway. A lot of people have a specific stereotype about cruises: it is expensive, boring and full of old people. Well, I can assure you it’s not. You see a lot of amazing places in a short amount of time and you get a deluxe treatment on top of it. Even though the cruise companies really try to take even your last dime, you can still make your trip quite affordable by organising your own activities. For the old people: we never had that feeling on our last two cruises, on our cruise to Norway however I have to honestly admit that we felt like we landed in a nursing home ;-). If you’d ever consider taking a cruise but still have questions, do not worry to ask them! It’s a once in a lifetime experience, you hàve to put this on your bucket list!


Now on to our cruise trip itself. We left in the harbor of Hamburg and drove by car so the traveling time was quite limited. Our first two stops were Alesund and North Cape. In Alesund we did a wonderful hike and even though the weather wasn’t all bright and shiny we still loved it. The North Cape was freezing cold and because of the fog it was really difficult to enjoy the spectacular views. In my opinion, being on the sea for two days to see this place isn’t worth it.


After visiting the North Cape we went back to Southern Norway and stopped in Tromso. We had a personal guide who showed us the most beautiful places and even the rain couldn’t stop us from enjoying this day to the fullest. I would definitely recommend you to visit this place with the guides of Green Fox, you won’t regret it! We saw the most amazing views and heard the most interesting facts about Norway. The Northern lights are also amazing here, so if you’d love to see these someday be sure to go to Tromso!


After Tromso the weather changed and Norway gave us clear blue skies and a bright sun. We visited Geiranger, the most famous and definitely the most beautiful fjord in Norway. Together with my boyfriend and my mom we went kayaking to the Seven sisters, an amazing waterfall in the Geiranger fjord. If you want to go to Norway but only have time or money to visit one place, go to Geiranger, here you see the typical Norwegian fjords. I officially fell in love with this place.


Our last two stops were Molde and Bergen, in both places we again mainly discovered the beautiful Norwegian nature. Bergen surprised me as a beautiful city offering both nature and culture. This was my second favorite stop and I’d love to go back there and discover the cute city a bit more.


If you want to explore Norway yourself and love some tips, do not hesitate to ask! You’ll love it there, pinky promise.


Big kiss,


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