Shiny Victoria’s Secret hair with Matrix Sugar Shine

I am always jealous when I see the shiny and healthy locks of all the Victoria Secret models. How do these girls treat their hair? Well, I think I discovered their secret! The new line from Matrix gives your hair so much shine that your hair will be ready to hit the runway! If only we had the beach body of Candice too… 😉 Ps: This line also has the first hair scrub ever! Curious yet?

Matrix has a new line, the Biolage Sugar Shine. And my god, your hair shines after using these products! The coolest thing is that they have a pre-scrub to use on your hair. I have never used a hair scrub but it really works magic.

The scrub is based on the cleansing ritual for your skin and also eliminates leftovers and pollution out of your hair. This sugar scrub prepares your hair for an ultimate nourishing treatment. I think this scrub really cleanses your hair into depth and prepares it to give your hair the treatment it deserves. The most fun fact about this innovative sugar scrub? You can also use it on your body! Afterwards you can start treating your hair with the shampoo & conditioner. If you want you can even top it off with the shine spray, which you can use on wet or dry hair to give it that last finishing touch.

When I use the whole line my hair gets the most amazing results. I have never seen my hair shine so much (pinky swear!). I already got a lot of compliments since I started using this Matrix Sugar Shine line. Even though it is not really made for extremely dry hair it still nourishes my hair and makes it look super-duper healthy.

Also want beautiful shining ‘I look like a Victoria Secret model’ hair? You can buy the scrub for €23,90 (musthave!), the shampoo for €16,30 and the conditioner for €20,40.


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