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I have a new all time favorite sweater. If possible I would wear it every day but that’s not very fashionable, right? But this ‘Topwijf’ sweater is not only pretty cool, it’s also super comfy! A match made in heaven because I’ll let you in on a little secret, I am 100% Topwijf!


For the non-Dutch people reading this blog I’ll quickly explain what a ‘topwijf’ means. Topwijf is a slang word for a pretty awesome, cool, fun and down-to-earth chick. Sounds exactly like me! It’s a synonym for girls who don’t take life too seriously and who love to give theirselves and other powerful girls around them a compliment!

The sweater is from the actual brand ‘Topwijf’, this brand was invented by young entrepreneur Fleur Sabbe. Fleur is constantly looking for fun ideas and since she’s always been addicted to shirts and sweaters with fun quotes printed on it she thought to herself, why not make a fun brand myself? Meet Topwijf!


Topwijf is a lifestyle brand that does not only sell sweaters and t-shirts but also offers mugs, tote bags and in the near future even Iphone cases. Fleur really wants to make Topwijf a brand on its own, with even more fun sayings and quotes (if you have a cool suggestion to put on a t-shirt, just let me know and I’ll pass it on!).

Fleur wants people to be able to express why they are a ‘topwijf’ by offering a wide range of products. For her, Topwijf also embodies female empowerment. She’d love that the girls buying her products would give other women more compliments once in a while. Sounds like an easy task, right?! And let me tell you, I already got a lot of compliments from girls stating they love my sweater!

Next to the sweater just being amazingly cool the fabric is also super soft. As I confessed before, I could literally live in this sweater! I know what you are all thinking now. Where.Can.I.Buy.This.Sweater? No worries, you can find it right here. Want to discover the whole collection? Just have a look at their lookbook, I’m sure you will not leave the shop empty-handed!


To tell you some more about the rest of my look (because I’ve been going on and on about this sweater ;-)), I teamed it up with some relaxed shorts from Primark, my super cool sunglasses from Blueprint eyewear and my cute handbag from Parfois, a brand I discovered at the airport of Malaga. I also wore some flip-flops but let’s not spend too much time talking about them, shall we? 😉


Sweater – Topwijf
Handbag – Parfois
Shorts – Primark
Sunglasses – Blueprint Eyewear

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