Photo diary Malaga: part 2

Welcome to part two of my Malaga tour! Today you will see a lot of (cute) monkeys, a lot of walking and especially a lot of happiness. I hope you will enjoy this sightseeing tour as much as I did!

On Sunday the weather was again clouded, (if you didn’t read the first part of my Malaga trip yet, you can find it here) so we decided to go to Gibraltar, a small piece of British land in Spain. To visit this lovely place you have to make sure to bring your identity card since you actually cross a border between Spain and the United Kingdom! Gibraltar is really famous for its gigantic rock and it’s wildlife monkeys. However, when we arrived in Gibraltar we couldn’t even see the top of the rock because there was so much fog. Luckily, we had an amazing day despite the weather.

No cocktails&heels today 😉


As I told you guys before – my dad is quite the sporty guy. So instead of taking the lift up to the mountain like normal human beings we walked the whole way. Secretly I also enjoy these crazy exhausting walks, it’s healthy and you get a firm butt from it, double win!

The main attraction on the island are definitely the wild macaque monkeys living on the rock. These monkeys have lived here for years and are really used to seeing humans every day. We had an amazing time just watching these beautiful creatures. Especially the baby monkeys aren’t shy of humans and love to come closer and get to know you.


After reaching the top of the rock (and climbing more than 300 steps!) you normally have an amazing view over the ocean and you’d even be able to see Africa! But the fog didn’t move and stayed in place so the view was quite, well clouded!

We decided to go down by taking the ‘Mediterranean steps’. If you are ever visiting Gibraltar you HAVE TO take these steps. The walk was really entertaining with breathtaking views, big caves to take a look in and beautiful nature. These steps were the perfect ending of a magnificent day.


In the evening I did another small outfit shoot which will come online really soon so stay tuned!


On Monday, our last full day in Malaga, we just relaxed by the pool and enjoyed the sun and the Spanish atmosphere (well, my dad also went for a one hour run ;-)). In the evening we had a delicious diner and drank our last yummy cocktails. My dad even showed his photographic skills (ha-ha) and took a picture of my cocktails&heels for the evening 😉 (yes, those are real Louboutins!)


Big kiss,


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