Photo diary Malaga: part 1

Summer still isn’t really here so I’d love to give you some summer vibes by showing you a couple of pictures of my short trip to sunny Spain last week. Cocktails, yummy food and magnificent views form the perfect ingredients for a lovely vacation.

Let me set something straight first, I just used the sunny swimpool picture to lure you guys over to my blogpost ;-). We didn’t hang at the pool for four days straight (even though I would be a master in this activity!) and had a quite active vacation. The first reason is that the weather wasn’t always great, there were a lot of clouds and in the morning it could still be a bit chilly. The second and most determining reason: I was on vacation with my dad. My dad is allergic to sitting and doing nothing and well, he just love to run, hop and skip through life! Preferably at a speed of 100 km/h. But that way we had some amazing experiences which I’d love to show you!

We arrived Friday around 3pm in the hotel and the weather was magnificent. We started the vacation in the best way possible: with some wining & dining (I was so hungry!).


After eating some delicious tapas we soaked up some lovely Vitamin D and decided to walk to the beach close by. Unfortunately, we quickly found out the coast wasn’t as pretty as we thought. But we had a wonderful walk towards the beach and we found the cutest little bar where we enjoyed the sunset and a delicious gin&tonic (can life get any better?!)


During our first evening I was also wearing my favorite summer dress which you can fully discover here. It was quite the challenge to walk all the way to the beach and back on my new high heels but hey, everything for the perfect picture right?!;-)


On Saturday it was a bit clouded so we decided to drive over to Ronda, a cute little city with a magnificent view. We walked all the way down from the bridge and enjoyed some magnificent landscapes.


Maybe you are wondering, why is she going on vacation with her parents?! Well, I wanted to just get out for a few days still – we got a vacation in sight end of May (we’re going on a cruise to the Nordic fjords!) but of course in Norway you can’t be sure it will be good weather. I’m a real lover of the sun so I just wanted to enjoy it for a couple of days. My boyfriend was too busy with work and my girlfriends didn’t have the money or the time to join me. Since my parents are more my friends than anything else – I asked my mom if she’d wanted to join. She was immediately enthusiastic and well, we just dragged my dad along to pay for us ;-). It makes my heart melt to see how much my parents still love each other and I can tell you that going on vacation when you don’t live with your parents anymore feels like coming home.


See you in a couple of days for part 2 of my Malaga trip!


Big kiss,


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