Amsterdam: the city of diversity

A city filled with skewed houses but yet so beautiful partly because of those crooked houses. What is it that makes Amsterdam so special besides these houses? Last weekend, I went to find out!

First of all, Amsterdam has a lot of cosy streets to walk through. For example the nine little streets where you can find loads of little gift shops with extraordinary things. If you are looking for something special to give to a friend, a last minute gift for a party or some cool stuff to decorate your house, this is the place to shop! Beside these lovely shops and the skewedness of the houses, the many canals between the streets add to the cosiness. These streets have a lot of restaurants with their terraces out as well. One of my favourites is Morlang, because of its perfect location at the sunny side and next to the Keizersgracht, one of the many canals. Who does not love drinking wine or beer while enjoying the sun and the amazing view?



When the weather outside is not all that shiny and warm, the Foodhallen is great for dinner. It is a covered market with more than 20 food stalls from restaurants all over Amsterdam where you and your friends can just pick what you like to eat or you can share different things. Hamburgers, sushi, Chinese, Korean, whatever you like! And when you are lucky, there is karaoke or a live band playing to add to the atmosphere.


Besides the many little streets, Vondelpark is a beautiful public garden to wander in, to have a summer picnic or to BBQ. And next to the stretches of grass and the pond, there are of course many terraces for a drink or a bite. I would highly recommend this place to spend your summer afternoons.


Another must do is something I discovered when I was in Amsterdam last summer. We call it “borrelen op de grachtjes”, freely translated “drinking on the canals”. You can rent a boat with a private captain and drinks all-inclusive but this is often quite expensive. Another option is to know someone who has a boat and bring your own drinks and snacks. I was lucky enough to have a friend who knew someone. You can find two tips for organised trips here and here.

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