Three day juice detox with Juizs: my experiences

The lovely people of asked me if I wanted to test their healthy detox juices programme. Some time ago they also decided to bring their healthy lifestyle to Belgium. Since I am leaving on vacation in a couple of days (yay!) and my body could use some cleansing (and maybe 2 kilo’s less ;-)) I accepted the challenge. Curious about my experiences?

Before: The lovely Sylvia from asked me if I wanted to try out their healthy detox programme for three days. My mom does a cleansing every year and I always look up to her when she does it, she is so dedicated and drinks liquids for five days straight (she also gets massages while doing the detox, which is a big plus!). I know she really benefits from this cleanse so I definitely wanted to try it myself. Next to that, I’d also love to lose some kilo’s – no big deal but just to look a bit more like the VS-angels ;-). I decided to go for the all day formula: three days of only drinking liquids. Quite the challenge, right?!

I decided to do this the right way so starting from Tuesday I began to eat fruit & vegetables, left out alcohol, soda and chocolate (oh chocolate I missed you so much!). On their website you can also find some tips on how to prepare yourself for the cleanse ànd some recipes to help you reach your goal!


They deliver in Belgium on Wednesday afternoon & evening and Saturday. The juices arrive frozen and they stay good up to three weeks in the refrigerator and even way longer in the freezer! So if you want to drink one juice a day for let’s say three weeks in a row, that’s also perfectly fine – your body will definitely also benefit from it. The box comes with a detailed menu of what to drink every day and a brochure with some important information about your detox. You can even get some online coaching through their website to hang in there! So now that we’ve learned all there is to know about this detox and prepared our body for it, it’s time to get kicking!


Thursday 7th of April

I get up at 7 AM together with my boyfriend. I am working from home since I need to go to the doctor’s. I’m glad I am at home since I think this day is gonna be super though. At 8 AM my body starts craving food, unfortunately, according to the menu I still have to wait until 10 AM (!) to drink my first juice. I drink some hot water with lime and sea salt, an advice which is also included in my menu, and manage to get my hunger cravings under control. At 10.15, after visiting the doctor I start my first juice: spinach with cucumber, lime and apple. I wasn’t really looking forward to it but the taste is quite ok. I manage to drink it in 40 minutes (you should drink it in at least 30 minutes and chew on it, how could you ever chew on juice?!). Afterwards I start working and time flies by. Around 12.15 however, I get a bit hungry. At 12.30 it’s time for my next ‘meal’, a beetroot juice. I’ve already heard that this juice is super healthy but blèh, it tastes like sand. The first taste is ok but the aftermath is just not pleasant. While I am drinking the juice I still feel hungry. It’s a struggle to finish this bottle and my o my, I am already missing something to chew on! My mom told me it is way too heavy to not eat anything for three days in a row if you’re continuing your normal life so I bought a lot of vegetables in case I would need it in the evening. At 3.30 it’s time for my third juice of the day: kale. This one really doesn’t look appetizing but in fact it still tastes quite good, it’s also a different taste thanks to the pineapple and ginger in there. At 6 PM I have to make dinner for my boyfriend and since I was craving all the food I decided to eat some vegetables too. At the table I couldn’t refrain myself from taking an extremely small piece fo chicken and a small potato. After three juices I enjoyed every bite to the fullest! Afterwards I finally didn’t feel hungry anymore. So I went to a friend and after I came back I only drank some small sips of the cashew nut milk, it wasn’t as yummy as I had hoped.


Friday 8th of April

I got up early, at 6.30 AM, since I had a busy day at work. I drank some hot water with lemon and salt at the office and then the waiting could start… 10 AM is way too late to drink your first juice when you’re already up for three and a half hours. So at 9 AM I drank my first juice, the basil one, which I really liked! Afterwards, I didn’t feel hungry up until lunch time. I decided to eat the pumpkin chili soup from last night since it sounded so delicious. Unfortunately, it was not, I really didn’t like the taste and only finished half the bowl. At one PM I was back at my desk, I decided to eat one rice cracker just to not pass out 😉 In the afternoon I had the carrot juice on the menu. I absolutely loved this drink! I felt quite good afterwards and wasn’t hungry until around 6 PM. It was Friday evening and I had dinner plans together with my girls. I think this is one of my most important tips: make sure to not plan too much social gatherings because it makes it really difficult to hold on to your detox. Of course, not joining meant missing a fun night out so I went and took a healthy dish with chicken.

Saturday 9th of April

Again I was up early, around 8 AM. I felt quite energized so I decided to do a workout. Shaun T made me sweat but the workout went pretty smooth even though my body had detoxd for two days already. Afterwards I drank my spinach juice again and it tasted way better than the first time. I am kind of starting to enjoy these juices ;-). My lunch was again the beetroot salad and this one also went smoother than on day one. In the afternoon I had the kale juice on the menu again, since I wasn’t really hungry I finished it in two hours. In the evening I did a last big effort and ate the ‘green soup’ from day 2. At this point I am really looking forward to eating ‘normal’ food tomorrow! A really big plus for me is that I already lost a kilo! Now I am ready to shine in my new bikini from Phax later this week! I just hope it stays off, which I am not sure about ;-).


The verdict: The past three days were hard but I can feel the positive effects it had on my body. I feel less bloated, my stomach is really flat and I lost a bit of weight. If you do this three days and do not plan in too much activities it will definitely be worth the suffering. I didn’t like each juice but most of them were quite enjoyable and after some time you know which juices you’ll like. If you’d like to do a detox yourself I would suggest to take the ‘Till dinner’ package the first time around, since a whole three days without any real food is really though, I guess this is more for the advanced detoxers ;-). A three day ‘all day’ detox at juizs is €89, they also have longer detoxes (of 5 or 6 days) or different formulas (like the till dinner option which is €65). Want more information in general? Check out their website.

Ps: if you use code #380 you’ll get a discount of 20%! That’s one hell of a deal!


Thank you and Influentials for this fun collaboration!

Big kiss,


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  1. Duidelijke Review. Ik wil dit nu oooook! 🙂 Binnen 2 weken plan ik een 5-daagse detox. Gewoon aan het twijfelen of ik sapjes bestel, of ik een slowjuicer koop en ze zelf maak.

    1. Hi meid! Blij dat je de review zo duidelijk vindt. Ik zou in elk geval er voor zorgen dat je zeker ‘s avonds nog eet, anders ga je echt omvallen (was bij mij toch zo). Sapjes bestellen is natuurlijk wel handig, dan moet je niet elke keer je sapje maken (want elk spaje moet eigenlijk echt meteen na het maken opgedronken worden, anders gaan alle goede stoffen weg). Langs de andere kant is het natuurlijk wel prijzig en kan je niet elk sapje even lekker vinden, als je zelf je spajes maakt kan je kiezen welke groenten en fruit je erin doet. Sowieso is het wel eens goed om te doen. Let wel op, het is vooral om je lichaam te detoxen, de weegschaal gaat misschien wat minder gewicht aangeven maar van zodra je terug normaal eet kom dit er wel terug bij. xx

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