ZEB Cocorun collection & launch event

I guess you all know by now I’ve challenged myself to do 150 workouts in 2016. Sometimes it is really difficult to find the time for three workouts during a busy week and the motivation also loves to run away sometimes (unfortunately, without me). But thanks to ZEB’s new sportswear collection my motivation came begging to do a new workout because these clothes are so pretty, you’d want to wear them all day!

ZEB launches it’s first Cocorun collection and I can say, the collection is pr-etty amazing! A lot of black and white combined with one of my favorite trend colors du moment: coral. The main reason why I love this collection? You can combine everything with one another! Not sure which top to choose, just take both – you’ll look amazing either way.


Together with some other lovely bloggers I had the chance to discover the collection ànd we could even test if the clothes were resistant to a lot of jumping and dancing (and some sweating too…). We had a really enthusiastic personal trainer that started off with some stretching, yoga and ab exercises. Easy peasy, I thought, I can handle this sh*t. But this was only the relaxing part. So after some delicious smoothies and fruit salads we were ready to kick some ass.

20160402 (13)


I can tell you, I am quite used to going hard during my workouts. Shaun T often lets me go insane with his exercises (if you do not know his workouts, google Shaun T + insanity. I know.), but our personal trainer was also eager on making our abs, legs, arms and actually every muscle burn. A lot of squats, a lot of planks and a lot of burpees later we were all passed out on the floor. But the best thing was, everybody felt really comfortable while working out thanks to the awesome technology incorporated in all the clothing. The fabric makes sure your skin can still breathe during your workout and most clothes are seamless to avoid irritation.

20160402 (57)

20160402 (29)

After the workout we got rewarded with a delicious lunch. My salad with avocado, kale, lemon and quinoa was delicious! We had a great workout (proof: after three days I am still sore 😉 ) and we especially had a lot of fun!

Did you also fall in love with the Cocorun collection? I saved the best for last! Most items cost between €25 and €50, so it’s also perfect for your wallet. Maybe you can save the rest of your money to buy a new bikini when you reach that summer body you’ve always wanted thanks to the Cocorun collection! Or to end with this quote:



Big kiss,


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  1. Dat zag er een heel fijn event uit! Had al wat items van de collectie voorbij zien komen op instagram en de kledij ziet er inderdaad geweldig uit!

    1. Hi Aurelie! Het was inderdaad erg fijn, en de collectie is super! Je moet zeker eens gaan kijken ;-). Dikke kus, Julie

    1. Hi Carolien, Ja supermooie collectie hé! Uhm, ik denk dat ze hem in alle ZEB winkels hebben, ja, maar niet 100% zeker. Dikke kus

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