Brand to discover: Phax swimwear

I’m addicted to clothing, I confess. But if there’s one addiction that beats all my other addictions it’s swimwear. I have at least 25 bikinis and I think half of them are from Phax. This brand is to die for and each year I want to buy the whole collection (NO. JOKE.). Never heard of this brand? Read on, you’ll become a big fan too, I promise!

Phax is a Colombian swimwear brand that excists more than 20 years already. They sell their beautiful collections in over 52 countries worldwide and the best news, Belgium is included in this list! I buy all my Phax bikini’s on This Belgian webshop offers a wide range of swimwear & beach clothing and they have (nearly) all Phax models in stock!


Phax most recent bikini collection is ‘Joyful escape’ and as always its typical Phax: bright colours, different models and a perfect fit for each size and shape. This year I am absolutely in love with the Krasner & Neon Leopard line.



The prices of the bikinis range from €80 to €140, I can tell you, they are really worth the investment! The best thing about is that you can combine different sizes ànd different tops and bottoms. So if you love the bottom of another bikini, you can just buy them separately.

Already excited about this brand? I’ll make you even a bit more enthusiastic with these paradise pictures. I know, the body also makes you dream… Hurry up, go visit Bikinisonline and buy your first Phax bikini! Feel free to tag me in your pictures, I’d love to see which model you’ve chosen!





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