Brands to discover: Amen, Belweder & Xolato Gin

I had the pleasure to discover some awesome brands the last couple of months the last week. Do you love jewellery with a meaning? Are you a big fan of lipcare products? Do you enjoy a good Gin&Tonic in the sun sometimes? Then you’re at the right address! Let me introduce you to your new favorite brand(s)!

Amen Jewellery

Amen is a brand that was launched in 2012 by a young businessman: Giovanni Licastro. For him, Amen stands for faith, trust in every day and feeling the love of the people around you. The accessories, that are produced in Italy, have two purposes. First, they want them to be a symbol of belonging and protection. Second, they also want it to be a fashion accessory. Each jewel has a special design that has a religious aspect but is mainly a fashionable piece. I chose this beautiful ring with a cross-sign and black gem stones, perfect for my street style looks!

Want to discover more of this beautiful collection? Check out their website, facebook & instagram! Prices range between €30-€60.



Belweder has been producing beauty products for over twenty years for both men and women. They mainly want to offer qualitative, innovative & honest products. Belweder is a French company but focuses internationally on countries where it is often freezing cold, like Russia. Here, the brand is even the number one in cosmetic care! They deliver their products worldwide to million of people and keep doing this with a lot of passion & love.

Even though they offer a range of products, from nail lacquers to hand or feet cream, they only sell lip products in Belgium at the moment. But the good news is that they offer a loooot of amazing lip care products. There are four main products: creams, fluids, balms & sticks. I especially love the cute packaging of the balms which are easy to take with you and look way too cute! The balms are really good if you have sensitive lips and work magic! Lastly you also have the cute glosses which not only make your lips look shiny but also protect them at the same time. I have a Belweder product in all of my handbags, perfect when it’s cold outside.  Want to win some of these lipcare products? Check out my facebook & instagram!

Do you also want to give your lips the best care they can get? Check out Belweder’s website!


Xolato gin

Xolato gin or X-gin is a new Belgian gin made with cacao beans from Colombia, hazelnuts from Piemonté and vanilla from Madagascar. Sounds like thé perfect combination, right? Alcohol and chocolate all mixed together, can life get any better than this?!

The creators of the gin, Peter Xolato & Patrick De Moor tried more than 14 recipes after ending up with this one. The name X-Gin refers to the origin of the cacao beans, which the Inca’s and Maya’s used to make a drink for gods & queens. They believed that this drink gave you a longer life, more intelligence and worked as the perfect aphrodisiac (that is a third reason to loooove this gin ;-)). This drink was called: Xocolatl.

I tested this gin with some tonic and some chocolate together with my girls and we simply loved it. It wasn’t as sweet as expected and it mainly tasted like juniper. The gin has a really fresh taste. We weren’t only enthusiastic about the flavour but also about the accompanied cacao nibs and the beautiful design of the bottle. You really got to try this if you’re a gin lover, just add some chocolate and you’ll be in heaven.

Want to buy your own bottle of X-gin? You can buy it here.



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