Webshop to discover: KET. Official

You know how much I love to introduce you guys to fun new webshops. This webshop  is influenced by common slang expressions from Brussels or the near area around it and makes the most funny and stylish sweaters.

KET. Official is a very young brand, they only started selling in January 2016 after brainstorming about the concept for a couple of months. KET. is a Belgium clothing label that is mainly influenced by the cities around Brussels. KET. Official wants to design clothing for all men and women who want to show their urban identity by wearing sayings that are typical for a certain area.

For example, ‘KET’ is used for a cool boy living mostly on the streets in Brussels. With sweaters like ‘D’office ket’ and ‘A’laise ket’ they use some of the most familiar sayings in the areas around Brussels.


KET. mainly wants to make sure people around Brussels can express their urban character with their clothing, which is quite trending at the moment. However, they are thinking about expanding their collection to other big cities in Flanders like Antwerp or Ghent.

Nicky & Simon, the two brains behind KET. Offical, still have a lot of future plans for the brand. For now they mainly want to focus on finding new sayings and expanding the collection with other colors. They also would love to start working with T-shirts for their spring/summer collection. They might even be crazy enough to start an accessory line, but this is still in the far future.


Interested in buying a sweater or do you maybe have a saying that you would love to see in their collection? Go ahead, they love your feedback.

Sweaters are available in black & grey size S-XXL. Price is €50.




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