L’Oreal Hair Fashion Show: Behind the scenes

This Sunday I was invited by L’Oréal Professionel to discover their wonderful ‘French Backstage’ hair fashion show in Tour&Taxis. Before enjoying the performance we went backstage to get some insights about the looks, the inspiration and the creative minds behind the show. Indulge yourself in a world of bold hairstyles & splendid colours.

Together with my sweet friend Maja, who is also a talented amateur photographer we went backstage to discover the three main acts of the evening, presented by some big companies of talented hairdressers.

The first girl we ran into was wearing an enormous black hair construction. Meta Van de Putte is a professional model for Be Models Management and was one of the girls walking the first show of the French ‘Maison Gerard Laurent.’ Even though her hair seemed to be a lot of work, the hairdresser worked for only half an hour on it. In contrast, the make up that completed the look took one hour and a half! The hairstyle was made by using lots of false hair and black props, which you can see in the last picture.


Another model from the ‘Maison Gerard Laurent’ show quickly caught our eye (yes, his looks also had something to do with it 😉 ). The guy was working together with his twin brother on the show and they were both gonna get a fresh haircut during the show. Want to see the result of their performance? be sure to check my next blogpost, I promise you, they looked handsome.

The second show was by the Dutch company Kinki Kappers. This chain has 43(!) barber shops in The Netherlands. Their motto is to let everyone be themselves, even if this is something we aren’t used to. All the girls walking the catwalk were real clients with hairstyles that they’ve been wearing in daily life. We especially saw a lot of innovative hairstyles. I am even doubting about getting a hand painted line on the bottom of my hair myself. But it apparently takes more than two hours to get this artwork in your hair and I am not sure if I have the patience. 😉

Our favorite look was worn by Emilie, a fashion designer who was model for one evening for Thierry Huys. The Cleopatra look with the short hair cut in three layers was absolutely stunning on her. Thierry Huys, one of the L’Oréal ambassadors, told me about the idea behind his three models. He wanted to show the streetlooks of girls nowadays. They experiment with colours and put one colour over the other one to get something unique. This is also what Thierry did with his three looks.

The other looks of the L’Oréal ambassadors were also with a lot of gold & volume, but each hairdresser clearly had his own vision. For example Edwin Brabants, who has his own successful salon in Balen, especially focused on working with volume, soft lines and cold colours.

After seeing these looks we were really excited about discovering the show, and it blew us away. Exploring new hairstyles, watching wonderful choreographies and feeling the inspiration rush through the air was amazing. Want to discover more? Keep your Sunday morning free because there is more coming up and even some video footage will be included!

A big thanks to L’Oréal for the invite & my sweet friend Maja for being my personal photographer.


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