Team Sporty Spice Part 2

Last week I introduced you guys to my secrets on how to work out the whole year round. Since you all seemed to like it so much I decided to make a second post about it! So here it goes, some extra tips to keep that motivation up and to look smoking hot this summer. Before & after pictures are welcome!

So in my previous post I already gave you some tips to keep in mind when starting your workout routine, namely finding something you love, changing your workouts ànd looking splendid while doing so. Of course I got some additional tips for you because yes, there are a lot of times when you need that extra push, especially when you are exhausted after a long day of work.

1. Go outside!

I love working out at home. It’s fast, it’s free and nobody sees you struggling 😉 But nothing beats putting on those running shoes and going for a jog with fresh air and a light breeze. Not only will you get fresh oxygen running through your system, you’ll also soak up some Vitamin D and hey, maybe you’ll even end up getting a little tan! To top it all off, you can see some mind-blowing views while running or you can take your bike and discover some secret spots near your home.


2. Continue your healthy life

It’s not only important to exercise, you also need to live healthy! Exercise makes up only 20% of your success in losing weight/toning up. 80% is determined not only by how much you eat but also by what you eat. I know you’ve heard this already thousands of times but it’s true: drink loads of water & tea, avoid soda & alcohol, eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and try to limit unhealthy snacking. Of course eating soup a whole week tends to get boring so experiment a bit with different recipes. I just bought Rens Kroes’s Powerfood book, I’ll share my favorite healthy recipes from the book soon.

3. Find a workout buddy

Nothing more fun and motivating than working out together with a friend. Not only will this person make you feel obligated to go to the gym, they will also make you laugh while suffering and they’ll make time fly by! Try to find someone who has a comparable endurance as you, so you don’t push yourself too hard. My favorite workout buddy is my boyfriend, since he always makes me laugh.


In these pictures I am wearing my favorite workout outfit of the moment, read all about it here. I wash this pants after every workout just so I can wear it again the next day, I am 100% #teamdecathlon.

Do you want more of these posts? Just let me know and personal trainer Julie is coming right up;-) (to be honest, these blogs also help to keep my motivation up!)

Big love,

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