Tapas in Mechelen

The word “tapas” is actually a Spanish invention but we use it for all kinds of appetizers or even snacks. Tapas are the perfect bite during events  but can also serve as a starter or as a full course. In Mechelen, I have a few favourite restaurants where I like to eat tapas for diner. Let me tell you all about them.

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My favourite tapas restaurant in Mechelen is La Boya, although it is not really known for serving tapas. It is a Moroccan restaurant and let me just say, the tapas are delicious! With cosy decorations inside and a nice terrace outside, the place attracts a lot of people. My personal tapas favourites are bastilla kip (a foam paste filled with chicken and herbs and topped off with almonds), zakje van geitenkaas (foam paste with goat cheese) and paprika’s met tcharmilla (I am not sure what tcharmilla is, but it is good!). Aside from the tapas, the tajine, couscous and salads are delightful too.

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SAVA is a restaurant where you can enjoy Spanish tapas. Being located at the Grote Markt, it is centrally situated and easy to reach. There is also a big parking lot nearby. Inside, they decorated the place with a lot of wood, which radiates warmth and cosiness. You can choose to sit at a table apart, in sofas or at large tables where you can meet other people. With regards to the food, I am in love with their Chili con Carne! Other favourites of mine are the kipblokjes SAVA (chicken), the patatas bravas (you can never go wrong with those) and the boñuelos con bacalao (beignets with codfish). During summer you must definitely try the Savangria, a tasty mix of white sangria, cava and fresh fruits. I would highly recommend this place for a night out with friends, but be sure to reserve in advance.


To remain in the Mediterranean kitchen, there is a delicious Greek restaurant in Mechelen too. With a cosy courtyard in the summer and a warm interior for when it is cold outside, Zorba is a pleasant place to linger. Tapas, however, have a different name here and are called meze. While the menu only contains one meze, this mixed tapas dish is perfect as an appetizer when you have diner with family or friends. The mixed plate contains scampi, little meatballs, goat cheese, squid, caviar and tzatziki (a sauce based on yoghurt). Aside from the delightful Greek food, there is always a live band playing Greek music and making sure the atmosphere is great!

What is your favourite tapas or Mediterranean restaurant?

Yours truly,

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