Outfit recap: February 2016

February wasn’t the best time for shooting outfit pictures. A lot of rain, a lot of clouds and a busy schedule made me have a bit less outfit posts than normal. But no worries, I will make it up to you the next couple of months! For now, enjoy this second outfit recap with already some hints towards spring. Summer, we’re waiting for you!


Do you want me to sum up some positive things about February? It won’t be much but here we go: February is my birthday month (and I got a lot of presents!), in February you are over the moon excited when you see the smallest ray of sunshine, after February comes March and March means spring and last but not least, in February you can enjoy the sales you’ve scored in January. I bought this coat during the last week of sales at Zara for only €20 and even though it’s a Large (Yes, I said Large), I couldn’t resist it. Oversized is in, right?! So I am definitely following the trend with this outfit 😉


During our second outfit shoot the sun was shining again (yes, we took advantage of every ray of sunshine). We noticed that the sun was even shining a bit too brightly after looking at the first pictures, woops – leather and sun don’t seem to get along. Nevertheless I loved the shooting location, it matched perfectly with my leather outfit. But this picture eventually didn’t make the cut since there was too much light, but a little blooper here and there is always fun to watch I guess.


No sunshine during this casual chic outfit shoot, but I still sneaked in a bit of spring with my soft pink blazer. I’ve been so excited to wear it again and the cute blazer combined perfectly with the black leather skirt. PS: did you see the secret message that was insterted in this outfit post? 😉 Do not worry, I’m not talking about you!


Do not let this last picture trick you, I know you see sun and it seems warm without a jacket on – but let me tell you, it wasn’t. I was literally freezing my ass off during this shoot, especially since I was wearing heels. My boyfriend didn’t understand why I took such a light outfit but as I told you guys before, I want to put some hints of spring in my outfit, just in case summer decides to show up a little bit earlier!




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