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As I told you guys before, I challenged myself to do 150 workouts in 2016. Quite a challenge, I know. In this blogpost I’ll give you some tips on how to keep exercising the whole year round and you’ll see, you’ll even start to enjoy it at some point! 😉

I will first tell you a bit about my own ‘sporty spice’ experiences. I’ve been raised in a family that loves exercising. My parents jog, dance, swim, squash, basically whatever sport you can name, they do it and they love it. My brother is exactly the same, he works out at least twice a week and well, they are all quite fit. It’s not like I’ve never did any sport because I’ve done workouts my whole life. But I never loved it either, I did it because I had to or because I wanted to lose weight(sound familiar?). I also tried so many different sports. Gymnastics, ballet, swimming, jogging, I’ve done them all.

But I never held on to it for long, the last couple of years I’ve been mainly a ‘summer is coming closer it’d better workout’- kinda girl. In 2016 I wanted to change this and decided I would exercise the whole year round. So I made myself the challenge, do 150 workouts in 2016, or around 3 workouts a week.

Sounds like a challenge you’d love to do too? Great, jump on board! I promise you’ll start longing for your weekly workouts and you’ll get leaner, healthier and happier than ever. Still need some motivation? I’m giving you some tips on how to keep your motivation to a maximum.

  1. Find something you love

This is probably the most important tip I can ever give you. We all know it’s not easy to keep exercising when you do not feel comfortable with your sport or when you get bored after ten minutes. So try different sports and you’ll discover, there is that one  perfect workout out there for you too!

Once you found a workout you love you can switch to  my most fun tip, point 3!


  1. Change your workouts

It’s not only good for your body to often change your workout, it’s also more exciting. If I would go jogging three times a week, the beautiful water and trees would look boring after a month. Now I try to do at least three different kinds of sports to keep it fun. Changing your workout often is also good for your body and your calorie burn. Doing the same sort of exercise for too long will make your body & metabolism lazy, so get out of your comfort zone and choose a different workout this week!

Of course, you need a different outfit for every sport, right? This sounds like a perfect excuse to buy some new workout clothes! Decathlon offers outfits for all your favorite sporting activities, whether it’s running, fitness, swimming, snowboarding or surfing.

  1. Look good while working out

Another really important tip if you ask me! I have never spent much money on workout clothes. But ever since I started working out this often I just longed for an outfit in which I felt comfortable and fashionable at the same time. I was searching after the perfect outfit for quite a long time, especially since I wanted an outfit that would work for my two main activities, jogging & ‘youtube-fitness’ 😉 (I will tell you all about this later). Eventually I found the perfect outfit at Decathlon. They have a wide variety of sporting clothes for each kind of sport and their assortment contains a lot of payable & fashionable items. Win-win!


The first thing I fell in love with are these perfect pants. The color and the print is completely my style. The legging is designed to make your skin breathe while working out. The Domyos top fits perfectly with my pants and the best thing is, it has a built-in sports bra! I always need a really good sports bra since I have bigger boobs so these built-in bras usually don’t work for me but this one gives me so much comfort I can barely believe it myself!



After working out you also don’t want to get cold since this will make you sick – this sweater is fun and so soft, I also love to wear it when I’m at home relaxing. To top it all off he price is so low that I’m even considering buying a second one! The shoes are made out of open mesh and they make sure your feet can breathe during your whole work out. I have some really good running shoes but this pair is so much lighter. And they look pretty too, right?!

So the first step into starting your healthy life? checking Decathlon’s  website and falling in love with their collection! I am definitely a #teamdecathlon kinda girl from now on!

Next week I’ll give you some more tips  on how to maintain this healthy lifestyle!

I’d love to hear your feedback!





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