Webshop to discover: My Jewellery

As I told you before, I recently discovered the fun webshop My Jewellery. This webshop not only sells a lot of jewellery but also has some really cute clothing items in their assortment. The styling of their photos always makes you want  to buy the whole outfit!

My Jewellery mainly focuses on cute & original accessories. Their bracelets & earrings are simply to die for. To me, My Jewellery sells the best armcandy there is to find online! Looking for a fun gift for your friend? You’ll find the perfect one right here!


Necklace: €24,95

Bracelet: €19,95

Earrings: €9,95

Ring: €9,95

Even though I absolutely adore their jewellery assortment, it’s mainly their clothes that make me come back. They have such fun & affordable pieces that I would want to buy the whole shop. On top of that, their styling is always so pretty that I want to buy every single piece of the outfit at once. That’s some good marketing right there if you ask me 😉


Black coat: €69,95

Black suede skirt: €24,95

Sweater dress: €29,95

Grey suede bag: €49,95

Leather skater skirt: €39,95





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