Hotspots Leuven: brunch, lunch or dinner, where to go?

I am always looking for new places to brunch, lunch or go to dinner, but in Leuven I have a few favourites I cannot seem to get bored of.

The first one of my favourites is Le Pain Quotidien. This one is actually a good fit for breakfast, brunch and lunch. Besides offering special breakfast and brunch menus, the menu card contains a lot of delicious sandwiches, separate breakfast options, a special soup of the day, healthy bowls of yoghurt and so much more to eat heartily. Le Pain Quotidien really focuses on fresh and biological food and you can taste this in every bite! It is also a place to meet other people, since the tables are so big.

Le Pain Quotidien

For lunch I would recommend De Werf. It has a big terrace to enjoy in the summer or when it is  a bit less warm you can even enjoy the fresh air because of the blankets they provide. The decoration is unique just as the menu, which is perfect when you are looking for something different. They offer wraps, fresh soup or spaghetti. Moreover the service is fast, which is great for a quick bite.

When it is cold or rainy and you still want to have the feeling of sitting outside, Entreprise offers you a covered terrace with heat lamps. Apart from the cosy environment, the salads are amazing and the pasta and fajita’s are tasty too. When you are looking for  a good price quality and an extensive assortment of delicious cocktails, this is the place to be.

There are lots of restaurants in Leuven  to have a lovely dinner, but this one is on top of my list. Tr3s is not only a fancy and cosy place to enjoy a good glass of wine (which they certainly have!), its food is also exquisite. The menu is not very extensive, but that is what makes them so special. The few dishes they offer are divine. Be sure to ask for the weekly suggestions!


And last but not least, my favourite restaurant for a relaxing and exotic experience. Worldkitchen, located just outside of Leuven, is the place to be on a hot summer evening. You sit outside in little Asian cottages, where the food is served on low tables with pillows around them to sit on. Apart from the extraordinary experience, the food is also amazing! Should it rain, the inside interior is cosy as well.


What is your favourite place for brunch, lunch or dinner in Leuven?


Yours truly,

Ineke – Its_Your_Travelista

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  1. Le Pain Quotidien is altijd lekker he 🙂
    De Werf met zijn dekentjes, daar ben ik vaak geweest toen ik op kot zat in Leuven.
    Ik moet precies eens langsgaan bij Worldkitchen!
    Ik zag onlangs een blogpost over Mykene passeren, dat is precies ook de moeite om eens uit te proberen.

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