Esprit – a clothing line & so much more

Everybody knows Esprit mainly as a brand that sells basic clothing with a twist for men, woman and children, or at least that’s how I mainly see the brand. Even though I like their casual chiq style, I rarely buy their clothes myself. Last week however I landed by accident on their website and discovered that Esprit is so much more than just clothes. They also sell lingerie, interior accessories and active wear. And my oh my, these collections are so worth visiting their stores for!

I am quite picky when it comes to choosing lingerie. I also have a quite difficult breast size since I have big boobs and a small back. But Esprit clearly knows that a woman’s body has so many sizes and shapes. They offer so many different sizes and even my size is in there! Their lingerie is in line with their style: casual but with just that little extra to drive your man crazy (or to just feel confident).


Bra 1: €22,99

Bra 2: €29,99

Bra 3: €29,99

Next to having quite an extensive lingerie line they also offer sportswear. As I told you guys before, I promised myself to do 150 workouts in 2016 – quite the challenge. I have been looking for some nice activewear outfits to give me that extra push to work out every other day, and this active collection of Esprit definitely does the trick for me! Comfortable and stylish at the same time, I can barely wait to go running outside with these nice outfits!


Crossed back top: €39,99

Printed leggings: €44,99

Marble top: €34,99

Marble leggings: €44,99

Last but not least, Esprit also has a fun at home collection. Ever since I have started living together with my boyfriend I am crazy about buying new things to make our home even cozier. Esprit Home offers a whole range of cushions, blankets, accessories and napkins. I will definitely be spending some of my last wage on one of these cute cushions!


Cushion: €24,99

Metal bowl: €19,99

Tealight holder: €19,99

Cushion: €24,99

Set of 2 placemats: €5,99



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