Outfit recap: January 2016

From now on I will give you a recap of my last month’s outfit posts in case you missed one of them! I will tell you some insights about the photo shoots, the styling or some other fun fact about these posts! So here it is: my first outfit recap of 2016, I hope you’ll enjoy it!


January is the month of sales and I can tell you I bought a lot of stuff this month. Since I can shop online on the H&M website I never ever visit their store anymore the first days of the sales. What a mess! On the webshop they also have so much more, they offer you a much bigger discount and you can shop in peace & quiet with a nice cup of tea next to you. The only bad thing: you have to pay by credit card. Since I don’t have one I always have to ask my boyfriend, and he loves to tell me how often I shop (online). But this beautiful sleeveless faux fur vest didn’t need an excuse to use his credit card!

2016 is also the year I fell in love with everything (faux) leather. This burgundy leather skirt was on sale at MyJewellery and I just had to have it! I’ll show you my other new leather purchases later this month. The black&white cardigan is from the beautiful Amorie webshop and I absolutely love it. There will be some new outfits with clothing from this webshop on the blog soon so stay tuned! The dress I wore in the last picture was bought second hand and even though the size is way to big for me (an L) it fits me perfectly – I already received a lots of compliments with this dress.

The dress I am wearing in the big picture is my absolute favorite at the moment. It goes perfectly with my new Nicca handbag from the lovely Calla Lila store. This outfit is definitely my favorite of January! A lot of people also loved my New Year’s outfit. To be honest, I felt a bit uncomfortable with the open front ànd back but in the end I was glad that I bought the dress. The last outfit is quite casual and was shot by my mom. It was the first time she took pictures for my blog and even though it wasn’t as great as the photos my boyfriend takes I think she did a great job!


My last outfit recap is my shoot with Billie clothing. Together with my guest blogger Leen (who’s also my mom ;-)) we shot some pictures for yoga exercises to get a better night’s rest. The lovely Charlotte from Billie gave me some clothes to make the pictures even prettier. Since it had snowed the evening before we thought it would be very romantic to shoot the pictures outside. All I can tell you is that it was really cold and that I needed two assistants to help me keep warm, lay the yoga mat in the good direction and to give me modeling directions. 😉 But how much fun we had!



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