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A new year means new resolutions. My resolution is to complete 150 workouts in 2016. To be honest, it will be quite the challenge for me. Luckily I discovered the online webshop Billie – a webshop that sells beautiful yoga & activewear outfits. If you don’t have any motivation to exercise, these gorgeous pants will make you jump to work out!


Billie was launched in October 2015 by the ambitious Charlotte Bergé. After she finished studying, she travelled the world and started working. Trying to find her way in adult life, Charlotte went through a difficult time asking herself who she was and what she really wanted in life. During this period she found a lot of peers struggling with the same issues. She decided to openly talk about those feelings and noticed people responded in a positive way. That’s when the idea of Billie started to grow. She wanted to help and inspire people to believe in themselves, to take the time to sit back and think about who you really are. Charlotte didn’t let her head down and found the solution in yoga. Yoga helped her to find balance and inner peace.

Through social media she discovered beautiful yoga clothing from all over the world – unfortunately the shipping costs were always very high. In that moment,Charlotte decided to start up Billie Yoga & Activewear.


Billie is her way of promoting a healthy and active lifestyle because it gives so much positive energy! Yoga was her way to find herself, but it can be any kind of activity, as long as it makes you feel good. And of course, a gorgeous outfit will make you look great and will have you feeling even better!

With the hashtag #bebillie, Charlotte wants to show that you can also be a Billie. A confident woman who’s proud of who she is, with all her (im)perfections! Don’t be afraid to show who you are, feel what you feel, it will set you free!


Billie offers sportswear from international top quality brands. She sells beautiful activewear from Canada (Tonic Lifestyle Apparel), Bali (Toyoga), USA (RE3, recycled leggings!), Australia (L’urv, Vie Active) and Brasil (Liquido).

Tops start from around €30. Pants range between €50 and €100. Curious? Go check out her lovely webshop or find her on Facebook & Instagram.


Be who you really are and you will find your inner Billie.





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