My life in pictures: 2015 Instagram tag

Sweet girl Evy from Mylifeonsneakers and happy girl Taïs from De kleine dingen both asked me to fill out my Instagram tag for 2015. This is a perfect time to look back at this wonderful year in which I started blogging and Cocktails&Heels became a fact! Want to relive some moments together with me? Go on, read more!

“What’s the last picture you posted in 2015?”12357868_440158312836591_1956505238_n

The last picture I posted was a couple of hours before the New Year. We had a wonderful celebration with a couple of friends and as apero we drank Aperol Spritz. So yummy and perfect to get in the mood for the party later on!

“What’s the first photo you posted in 2015?”


It’s not exactly the first photo that I posted in 2015, but it’s one of the most fun ones. In March 2015 I started living together with my boyfriend in our own appartement. To count down he gave me a small surprise every day during the last ten days. After more than 7 years this boy still makes my heart melt.

“What is the favorite photo of yourself, taken in 2015?”

This picture was taken during the Christmas period. I went with my boyfriend to the Christmas market in Antwerp and we had a wonderful time. This is my favorite picture since a lot of people seemed to like it and really said their heart melted looking at this photo (yes mom, I am talking about you!). This picture sums up how I felt in 2015, simply happy.

“Which instapic makes you feel nostalgic?”

This summer I went with my boyfriend and a whole group of friends to America. We visited New York, Boston and Greenville – a small town close to Canada. The views were absolutely magnificent and the journey was simply amazing. We had a wonderful time and this picture really makes me nostalgic since I know we’ll probably never go back again. I think this was my best vacation by far and I always smile when seeing a picture of this trip.
“What’s the most delicious dish you shared on instagram?”12107516_946800588706786_1938154700_n12331955_414527175418072_147011949_n11248391_1491089344524704_882460742_n

Ok so, this was the hardest choice ever. I thought I didn’t post many food/drink pictures on my Instagram page, it seems I was wrong! 😉 I ate some wonderful things last year but chose three of my favorite pictures. The first is a Frozen Yoghurt – every time I go to Mechelen I have to have one. It’s so yummy and (a bit) healthy. The second picture is taken during the Christmas party of me & my girlfriends. We just love to have a nice Gin&Tonic during our gossip talk. The last picture are cupcakes! I could eat cupcakes every day, and since I discovered the delicious sugar bombs of Momade cupcakes I know what heaven tastes like…

“Which photo got the most likes?”12353401_748459828588578_1476243217_n

I guess this is the proof that nudity sells ;-). Even though the quality of this picture is not so good it got over 200 likes. However, I get why people like this photo, who doesn’t like to relax in bed with a good magazine?!

“What’s your favorite animal photo?”11378254_496477637177267_1195917024_n

This is a picture taken before I was ‘Cocktails&Heels’ on Instagram. However, I chose this photo since my dog Gompie is the cutest ever in this picture! He’s always happy and always manages to cheer me up. I just love him to pieces!

“Which apps do you use to edit your photos?”

I always use VSCO before posting a picture on Instagram. Sometimes I also use Snapseed, sice you can work with more nuances in this app. To make a picture of myself look a bit better I sometimes use YouCam Perfect, but shh that’s a secret ;-).

“What are your favorite profiles on instagram?”

I have a lot of Instagram accounts that I’m crazy about. My number 1 since the beginning is Madebyf. The soft colours, the feed that is so consistent, I don’t know how she does it but it’s pure perfection. Another account that I simply adore is of sweet Cookameal. She makes the most yummy dishes AND takes mouthwatering pictures of them! Lastly, I love Ellenbrw’s account. Feeling a bit down or want to lose some extra pounds? This girl changed her lifestyle and is now living the healthy ànd happy life. On her Instagram she inspires you to do the same! Sweet girls, I’d love to see your last year in Instagram pictures!


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