Wish list: a new watch

I am turning 24 in two weeks and on my wish list is a new watch! Last Christmas I got a beautiful watch from Marc Jacobs from my boyfriend, and even though I am still in love with it I’d love to have a new one too. Are you also looking for a new watch or do you just want to help me decide which one to choose? I will show you my wish list options!

I didn’t wear watches until a couple of years ago. I found them too expensive and hey, I had my smartphone to see what time it was, right?! But let’s be honest – a watch on your wrist looks so much more sophisticated! So since five years I am addicted to it and don’t leave the house without.

My first watch I ever bought was a Fossil one. And even though there are some brands that I’d prefer over a Fossil one – I still think this is one of the most diversified brandss out there for watches. Now they also sell watches including some bracelets to spice up your armcandy, I love the idea!

Watch Fossil – €159

If you want to go a bit cheaper you can also find some fun watches on the H&M website – this watch with leopard print is just to die for! And for only €15, who can doubt about that?! On the other end of the money spectrum you have some beautiful watches from Marc by Marc Jacobs, one of my favorite brands for watches! These two black ones are just perfect to combine with almost anything!

Watch H&M - €14,99 | Watch Marc by Marc Jacobs - €209 | Watch Marc by Marc Jacobs - €199
Watch H&M – €14,99 | Watch Marc by Marc Jacobs – €209 | Watch Marc by Marc Jacobs – €199

A brand that I have loved from the start is Komono, their watches are so original and I think everyone can find something they like in their collection. I especially love these two ones!

Watch Komono – €89,95
Watch Komono – €89,95

Two of my other favorites brands to look for a watch are Asos, where they have a very wide variety of watches of all kinds of brands & prices, and Cluse. Cluse is a brand I recently discovered mostly through Instagram, I just love their simplistic designs! The Asos watch is so cheap that I already ordered it – oops, I just love the glitter part and I thought to myself, I can also give myself an early birthday present, right?

Watch Asos – €32.35
Watch Cluse – €99,95


Which one should I still ask for my birthday?



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